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  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: March 20

About Me

*21+ Age
*Pacific Timezone (GMT-8)
*Coffee Addict
*Gamer (Mostly Dragon Age, Pokémon, Elder Scrolls, and SoL like Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley)
*Cats, Rats, and Pigs = Favorite Animals
*I'm extremely laid back and constantly crack jokes - RP related or not. Very little bothers me RP-wise or OOC-wise. I try to be extremely easy to deal with, but even I have my limits.
*I love making characters that are musicians or talented with cooking/baking. Maybe it's because I'm not.

Schedule and Response Time
I tend to respond fairly quickly to RPs, usually 2-3 times a day depending on how busy I am.

Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays are the only times that my response time may lag.

Preferred RP Settings and Requirements

*My preferred settings are modern, modern-futuristic, fantasy, and modern-fantasy, Romance, and Slice of Life
*Writing in third person & past tense (however, I won't fault you if you do third person and present tense). Just no first person.
*Multi-Paragraph; at least two! If it's a single paragraph, I can deal so long as there is enough for me to work with for my response.
*1x1 RP in RPR Private Messages or Discord
*RP with adults over 18+; both IC and OOC
*OOC Communication; I'm very friendly and chatty. I like to joke around! But, more than anything. This is to avoid any misunderstandings or unintentional complications.

What I Will Do

*RP Women
*Interesting, complex RP involving romance, drama, dark RP, action, and/or adventure (all with or without erotica)
*FxM, FxF, FxNonbinary/Genderfluid Romance

What I Won't Do

*Accept random friend requests - please speak to me first! And be 18+. This is important for everyone's safety.
*OOC Drama - at all; This is an instant cut-off. If I'm being forced to defend my actions IC or being told what to do, I will immediately quit the RP and potentially ghost. I am not my characters and I won't defend myself over character decisions (as I may not even agree with what is occurring).
*M/M or play males; I am not good at playing males, nor am I comfortable with it. I've tried and I don't find myself believable as a male character.
*Group Forum RP; We can discuss the potential for a three-person RP via PM or Discord. In general however, I usually say no.

Erotica and Dark Themed Roleplay

I will do both. However, there some things I absolutely will not do under any circumstances.

You can find this information in my character list.

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