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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 15
  • Birthday: August 09

Heya Raven here! Not my actual name wish it was but it's my codeeee name! Hehe well then anywho I love roleplaying and have been at it for a while now my favorite character currently is Kitsumi a fox girl! Or Luki she is a fairy but please read her history to understand the type of fae. I prefer highschool fantasy rp but also love medeival fantasy!

If I'm ever not on I'm most likely really busy with school work or physical therapy, short story i got in an accident and am recovering! When it comes down to the core I love romance and drama, along with action or horror. I love anime as well! anyway if you ever wanna rp send me a pm and the plot idea!

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  • Raven14 is an Awesome Role player. She follows the script well, sticks to character, and is generally a nice person. If I were to Roleplay with someone for 24 hours, she would be on my list! At the top that is.
    -- DashUnaSkorDash

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