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Hello, I'm RayneIlStorm, but you can call me Ray, Rayne, Rayneil, Raynell, Storm, RayneIlStorm, or anything really (as long as I can figure out that you're talking to me)!

I'm an artist as a hobby and sometimes I do free art giveaways! But they happen randomly and I only take a few people. Anyways, I'm not new to RP, but I don't do it often. I used to play D&D with my friends but they kind of dropped me. I also like to text RP because I like the active aspect of a character developing and stuff.

I love meeting new people (even though I'm really shy) and making new friends! And I'm always open to new RPs! So if you would like to RP with my characters (there's only 5 on here though I have, like, 50) you're welcomed to PM me or something! I don't bite!

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