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Status: Replies are sporadic. Life is kicking my ass.

Heyo Lovelies!

If you want to RP with me, wonderful! PM me with your idea and we will see if we can make something happen. I alternate moods between wordy and quick replies. I love a good description of environment, feelings, actions, the whole shebang but I've also found myself really into shorter and sweeter. So either is fine with me.

I aim to reply at least once every 1-4 days (multiple times a day depending on the RP, length, motivation levels, ect.) Leaving an RP for too long is not something I like to do. The characters get in my head and really want to tell their story, so I get excited and like to write as much as possible. If for whatever reason I haven't replied, please feel free to poke me with a kind reminder. :)

M/M story lines with romantic options are my bread and butter. Bonus points if we can inflict pain and drama on the characters, only to build them back up as happier and stronger people.

While I am not squeamish with smut, violence, language or gore, I don't want any one theme to dominate. I love developing the characters and seeing where the relationships go. Slow burns are my jam!

Also, if you wanna drop for whatever reason, just let me know. I'll be disappointed for sure, but it's better to know and move on, then to wait and pine after a forgotten story.

My Preferences
  • Romance, specifically MxM romance.
  • I’m not into one-liners, but you also don’t have to write a novel. My sweet spot is 1-3 paragraphs, but it is definitely adjustable. I am very open. All I need is something to work from.
  • You and your characters have to be 18+. Please and Thank you!
  • I am into Dark Themes (blood/gore, swearing, drugs/alcohol, abusive pasts, physical violence, sexually explicit scenes, ect. (I don’t normally FTB) I haven’t found any limits/triggers that I am aware of. So, if you have limits, please inform me and we can work around that.
  • Conversation about permanently disfiguring main characters is a must for me. (IE. chopping off limbs or whatnot.)
  • Please, please, tell me if you are disinterested in the RP or are going to be gone for a long time. Ghosting sucks and I am never sure if you’re busy or are totally gone. I am always willing to help change the RP to make it more interesting, start a new one or scrap it and go our separate and happy ways. :)

Made by: StaticNightmares in her Ia'nao Language

Rave Reviews

Raz has been a wonder to get to RP with. So easy to write with, we've been able to feed off of one another when it comes to the inner turmoil of our characters as well as putting them through new bits of drama and little twists. Plotting and chatting OOC is a breeze, and I'm not afraid just to toss something into a post to see how it goes. I'm having so much fun <3 - Murder
This lovely person over here always give me something to work with. Always push me to do something more. And whether they realize it or not, always push me to be a better RP'er. In scale of 1 to 10, this person is a solid 10 to RP with. Trust me. - Raven666

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