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Hey, everyone! :)
Sorry I haven't been on lately. Exams are going to be the death of me. XP :/
Anyway, I'll try to catch up when I can. Hang in there for me. :)

Quote of the Day:

Hey, all! :)
I'm Red and I'm slowly figuring everything out. :)
While I'm not new to rp(I like freestyle most), I'm getting used to this site, so yeah. :) Sorry if I seem a little clueless. XD
Any friendly welcomings/ advice would be greatly appreciated. ;)
I'm now jumping into rping a bit, so if any of my characters interest u, shoot a PM my way. ;)
Hope to see u all around the site! :)
<3 Red

Quiz Results:

Now, some of my favorite things:

-Twenty One Pilots
-Imagine Dragons(Before everyone else thought they were awesome. So there. :p )
-Melanie Martinez
-Maroon 5

TV shows:
-The Goldbergs
-The Middle
-The Good Doctor
-Stranger Things
-Modern Family

Random Things:
-Hot weather(I hate cold weather with a passion.)
-Chocolate(Who doesn't?)
-The smell of sharpies and dry-erase markers(call me weird if u want, but that's just me)

Random Things I Dislike(that some of my friends think I'm crazy for):
-Cotton candy
-Peanut butter
-Birthday cake

That was a lot. :/ Since you stuck it out and made it through to the end, here's a reward: some cute animals to entertain you. Enjoy. :)

Rave Reviews

Red is a sweet individual, kind and caring. She is always willing to write and respond, with posts that are enjoyable to read. She has a fresh mind full of creativity and relays those thoughts into words that are easy to see and understand! Kudos! =) - danmanmun
Dominique (played by Red9843)
Brushed by Dominique in the Oakwood High School RP last year. A great character story and teh page presents her well. The RP didn't go on too long in the forum, but there were some great characters in it, and Dominique was one! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Rogue-Scribe

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