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Hey, everyone! :)
Sorry I haven't been on lately. Exams are going to be the death of me. XP :/
Anyway, I'll try to catch up when I can. Hang in there for me. :)

Quote of the Day:

Hey, all! :)
I'm Red and I'm slowly figuring everything out. :)
While I'm not new to rp(I like freestyle most), I'm getting used to this site, so yeah. :) Sorry if I seem a little clueless. XD
Any friendly welcomings/ advice would be greatly appreciated. ;)
I'm now jumping into rping a bit, so if any of my characters interest u, shoot a PM my way. ;)
Hope to see u all around the site! :)
<3 Red

Quiz Results:

Now, some of my favorite things:

-Twenty One Pilots
-Imagine Dragons(Before everyone else thought they were awesome. So there. :p )
-Melanie Martinez
-Maroon 5

TV shows:
-The Goldbergs
-The Middle
-The Good Doctor
-Stranger Things
-Modern Family

Random Things:
-Hot weather(I hate cold weather with a passion.)
-Chocolate(Who doesn't?)
-The smell of sharpies and dry-erase markers(call me weird if u want, but that's just me)

Random Things I Dislike(that some of my friends think I'm crazy for):
-Cotton candy
-Peanut butter
-Birthday cake

That was a lot. :/ Since you stuck it out and made it through to the end, here's a reward: some cute animals to entertain you. Enjoy. :)

Rave Reviews

Okay, so I've done a couple of plots with Red, and she's just the sweetest thing. I adore her sense of humor, and she engages herself in the writing. She also has a very sympathetic personality, which makes it all the easier to relate to her characters. All in all, she's one of the best people I know, IC and OOC. So, Kudos! - Zoe_Ana
Red is a sweet individual, kind and caring. She is always willing to write and respond, with posts that are enjoyable to read. She has a fresh mind full of creativity and relays those thoughts into words that are easy to see and understand! Kudos! =) - danmanmun

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