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***current condition-back from my hiatus at least for the time being. If anyone is looking to rp with me just drop me a PM***

Hello and Welcome all who would read this humble profile. I'm just another fun loving roleplayer looking for the next adventure. I've been rping for over 15 years. My experience ranges from tabletop to LARP, to just about anything that can occupy my ADHD addled brain. I'm usually always up for an rp though I won't lie and say that I always have the ability to comply. Feel free to drop me a line. Be it to rp, or just to talk. I'm pretty easy going as I've said.

Here's a bit more about me.

-I love Adventure, Intrigue, and Character driven plotlines.
- I keep IC and OOC separate.
- I Don't have a set post limit, but I personally tend to write 3+ paragraphs.
- Enjoy romance, but prefer more than that to a plot. Way more.
- This shouldn't be an issue, but I like my RPs cooperative, not competitive.
- No soap operas. Petty problems of characters aren't enough to hold my interest unless I already know them well.
- Continuities should be consistent with themselves. If I was to ever fail to understand and enjoy a story, it's because one day our characters are on a science ship and the next it's a warship.

That being said. Here are a few guidelines for when RPing with me.

-No godmodding of any sort or "Twinking".
-Don't violate believability to such a degree that you give yourself (or anyone else) an unfair advantage. Stay true to the era and setting of the rp as best you can and ask if you're ever uncertain!
-Avoid god-like abilities for your characters and any 'deus ex machina' behavior. The latter is essentially ret-conning without the universal reset button, and the former simply ruins the fun by taking away much of the challenge. (Unless of course it is relevant to the roleplay at the moment)

For the benefit of those who do rp with me. I've also decided to post my my weekly schedule. That way people will know my best times for rping.

Monday - Work
Tueday - Work
Wednesday - Work
Thursday - Work
Friday - Free (possible OT day)
Saturday - Free
Sunday - D&D!!!

This is all EST. To summarize. Saturday is my best available day to post, everything else is 50/50 on replies.

If I suddenly vanish or seem to have ghosted on current RPs I apologize in advance. IRL things can pop up to demand my attention and some day and even some weeks to months I just don't have the spoons to reply to the degree that I would consider a good post, so instead of only posting a sentence or two I will make an attempt to let my partners know the current IRL situations and when I will attempt to post again, and if I can't think of a time in the foreseeable future I will at least let you know what drama is taking my attention. The RP isn't dead to me, it's just on hiatus until I have spoons.

Also. I suffer from a rare genetic disease known as Hereditary Angioedema, which can cause me to disappear randomly due to flare ups. It can be possibly life threatened and usually requires an ER trip and a day or two of recovery depending on my medications availability. It usually leaves me drained for a day as well so i apologize if i seem to lose all train of thought at random.

I do my best to mirror posts but i wont lie when i say i get a bit intimidated with walls of text and can gloss over info from time to time. Sorry in advance.

Rave Reviews

I haven't been roleplaying with this man for very long but I find myself enjoying what we've done in the brevity of knowing each other. A splendid writer who paints an image for the scene and breathes life into his characters, this is someone you won't regret RP'ing with. - Dream
I am beyond grateful that this guy and I found another RP to take up because holy hell I am having such a good time. RHS is such a creative and captivating writer, his character feels so dynamic. I already 'ship' the hell out of our characters and am excited for the conflict and future but even the present is so much fun! I love our RP and I'm glad to have a fantastic friend and writing partner. :) - MercyInReach

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    RHS is a breath of fresh air! His ideas are new, inclusive, and imaginative. He is understanding and kind and really knows how to describe a scene and tell a story. I'm looking forward to playing with him for a long time! :) Wonderful writer Long posts
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