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Just a big dork who loves to roleplay and pretend to be someone she's not! I love to roleplay in just about any verse, and I consider myself to be 'ok' at it! I'm not a professional, but I try my best to have fun! I only limit myself to the one character due to several reasons, but I hope that won't prevent you from thinking that I'd be fun to RP with!!

I prefer almost any genre or setting, whether it be original or from an existing piece of media! I like to think of myself as open minded and accepting of all kinds of folks! All I ask is that everyone remains respectful and kind!

My schedule as a semi-functioning adult is super duper crazy and unpredictable! I always do my best to try and communicate with my RP partners when it may take some for me to reply, but life comes at you fast and unfortunately there are no breaks!

Thank you for visiting my profile! :D
~Ruby V.

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A long overdue Kudo. This lady is incredible. She is a wonderful RP partner and person to hang out with. She will make wonderful posts and characters that may have a familiar face, but made them into something truly special and unique. She takes the situations you throw her into and runs with them, expertly weaving the characters into the action and plot while driving them forward and making her own plot paths and branches too. I seriously cannot recommend her enough, she puts her all into it! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Section

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