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It's the summer!
So, it is officially the summer and I will get back to you when I can! I joined this site in the school year, so almost everyone who I've roleplayed with has seen me reply promptly. However, this might be less the case in the summer so don't be angry at me please!

I swear to god, do NOT bring up page 250.

Hello! I'm so glad you've stumbled upon my little corner of a page. I love to roleplay. I love to do almost all roleplays actually. I will do fantasy, romance, sci-fi and almost anything else you could think of. Let me introduce myself. I'm Red! I'm a cisgender female. I am biromantically heterosexual which I don't like to say very much because it sounds complicated. In reality, it just means i'm bisexual without a sexual attraction to females.

Wanna give me a huggle?

A few things about me!

I like creativity, and personally I like more than one paragraph in writing. I have more fun with even just one paragraph. I like to have fairly good grammar. It doesn't need to be perfectly good and I don't care about apostrophes or commas, but I would prefer if you typed not like you were texting but like you were writing.

I don't like it when people completely give up quality over quantity and go for the opposite. I don't need anyone to have 10 paragraphs of writing, if you could condense that down into even 4 for me that would be a lot better. I don't like god modding, I think it ruins the RP and it's not fair to anyone in it.

My usual typing length I would say is about 4 paragraphs. I can go a few paragraphs less than that and a few paragraphs more!
Am I looking to do RP's? Yes! I will probably be looking on the forum page for RP's do to and if you happen to find this page and want to do a RP, go ahead and send me a PM! I'm sure I would love to RP with you! I try to put a lot of love into my OC's and make them pretty detailed but that also means it can take me a little bit to set one up. Especially if I have to come up with the personality. So, if I don't have a character you want to RP with, don't worry! Send me a PM anyway, and if you have a preferred personality, sexuality, or gender go ahead and tell me those to get me started too!

What will I do in a roleplay? I love to do a lot! I will do Fantasy, Romance, I am currently trying Sci-Fi, and Futuristic ones too! I don't love to do wild west roleplays or historic ones though. I will do roleplays based off of books as long as the characters are created by you!

Ghosting. I have a large amount of patience. If we have a RP that both of us reply to about once a day, and you haven't replied in over 5 days, I might shoot you a message. However, if I know that sometimes it will take a while for you to reply and that you have personal things going on, I will have an infinite amount of patience. I have a RP that is over a month old and if they replied to it, I wouldn't even ask any questions!

Smut. If you push this on me I probably won't have the courage to say no, but if you bring it up in a normal way, I'll probably just let you know that I don't love smut. I've experimented with this and I think that it makes the roleplay awkward and personally I would rather not do it in roleplays. So once again, if you take the time to read this. No smut please.

Q & A~

'What is your all time favorite genre to RP?' I love to do Fantasy. But if I get to mix them then I love to do fantasy romance. I find it really fun! 'Do you do dice rolls?' Yes! I like to do dice rolls. I am currently in a Dungeons and Dragons club and I love it! Doing dice rolls really reminds me of that and it puts some aspects up to chance which is also really fun for me! 'Why is your profile picture holding a chess piece?' It's a tribute to my favorite OC I created. Her name was Chess. I was actually on this site previously and ended up deleting that account a few months ago. I just came back and I thought it was a small tribute towards her.

On That Same Note You Will Sometimes See Me Talk With All Caps At The Beginning Of Words Like This! That's also a tribute to someone. They were the very first person I roleplayed with on my earlier account and when I came back I couldn't find their account, so I think they left the site. They talked like that all the time because it made them stand out. Their username was 'ambershades' in case anyone was wondering. Anyway I think that's it? Have a good day all of you and I believe in you!


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