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I am on top of my responses y'all!!

I'll try to get to you at least once a day!

Hello! I'm so glad you've stumbled upon my little corner of a page. I love to roleplay. I love to do almost all roleplays actually. I will do fantasy, romance, sci-fi and almost anything else you could think of. Let me introduce myself. I'm Red! I'm a cisgender female. I identify as queer. I used to identify as bi-romantically heterosexual, but honestly, it's really hard to explain, it's difficult for some people to understand, so I use queer instead!

Wanna give me a huggle?

A few things about me!

I like creativity, and personally I like more than one paragraph in writing. I have more fun with even just one paragraph. I like to have fairly good grammar. It doesn't need to be perfectly good and I don't care about apostrophes or commas, but I would prefer if you typed not like you were texting but like you were writing.

I don't like it when people completely give up quality over quantity and go for the opposite. I don't need anyone to have 10 paragraphs of writing, if you could condense that down into even 4 for me that would be a lot better. I don't like god modding, I think it ruins the RP and it's not fair to anyone in it.

My usual typing length I would say is about 4 paragraphs. I can go a few paragraphs less than that and a few paragraphs more!
At the moment I am being very selective about the RP's I am doing. I'm very busy and responding to my RPs at the moment can take 45 minutes to an hour right now. If you PM me, just know that I might not have the time or availability to RP with you. Please be considerate.

What will I do in a roleplay? I love to do a lot! I will do Fantasy, Romance, I am currently trying Sci-Fi, and Futuristic ones too! I don't love to do wild west roleplays or historic ones though. I will do roleplays based off of books as long as the characters are created by you!

Normally in roleplaying, I roleplay female characters. I can't really connect to male characters as much, but if you really want me to be a male in our roleplay, I'll give it a shot.

Reply time. It depends on how long our rp is. If we do one lines, I might have time to respond like once an hour, if we do 2 paragraphs probably just about once an hour, more than that maybe a few times a day. This is currently.

Ghosting. I have a large amount of patience. If we have a RP that both of us reply to about once a day, and you haven't replied in over 5 days, I might shoot you a message. However, if I know that sometimes it will take a while for you to reply and that you have personal things going on, I will have an infinite amount of patience. I have a RP that is over a month old and if they replied to it, I wouldn't even ask any questions!

Smut. If you push this on me I probably won't have the courage to say no, but if you bring it up in a normal way, I'll probably just let you know that I don't love smut. I've experimented with this and I think that it makes the roleplay awkward and personally I would rather not do it in roleplays. So once again, if you take the time to read this. No smut please.

Q & A~

'What is your all time favorite genre to RP?' I love to do Fantasy. But if I get to mix them then I love to do fantasy romance. I find it really fun! 'Do you do dice rolls?' Yes! I like to do dice rolls. I am currently in a Dungeons and Dragons club and I love it! Doing dice rolls really reminds me of that and it puts some aspects up to chance which is also really fun for me!


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RedPandaFox is an amazing Roleplayer. I love how she rights, and she puts a lot of effort into the things she writes. you should check her out too! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - MangoNekros

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