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Heyo! I'm Redrose! Hope you are having a good day. Here's a little about me. I'm a writer and gamer for fun, I love music and I love theater. I pour my heart out into words, and love a good story! I know I am only 18, but I have been writing for quite a while. I started at 12 or 13? My writing isn't perfect, but I do my best. And I always work to improve and better my work. Sometimes I am very busy, other times I am very open! I'm a college student so I have activities and schoolwork. It's hard to give an exact response time. Sometimes it's every day, once in a while every week or two weeks. I try not to exceed that, but life can get in the way.

I love writing fantasy, romance, and medieval. Once in a while modern tickles my fancy too. Period pieces can be a lot of fun, and if you have a plot in mind, don't be afraid to PM me with it!

I write past tense, multi paragraph, third person, and prefer my partner to do the same. Generally I put out 4+ paragraphs per post, but it can fluctuate.

I love a good gritty romance. Turmoil and fighting and tension! I also loved darker fantasy stories. I probably won't do an rp without romance, but if you're a good writer and have something amazing in mind, I will. My favorite trope is haters-lovers. It's cheesy, but it makes me laugh and I love the tension.

I roleplay on discord too, so ask.. Most of my characters can swing either way. I try to be as open as possible and learn more as I go. Only a few of my characters have been made canon.

My two babies are Finn Ratcliff and Jacob Sanchez. They are charming, cruel, asshole-y, hedonistic, caring, sweet, and everything in between.

Some of my roleplay pet peeves are.

-- Having to be the only one to pull the plot along.

-- Short replies.

-- First person writing.

-- Few details

-- Someone not reading posts fully.

-- Controlling other writers characters.

-- Present tense writing.

- A character that is too weak . Or won’t stick up for themselves.

- A character with too much power.

And that’s about it.. PM if you want to start a roleplay. My favorite character is Finn. And I’m almost always looking for a female character to both torture him and love him, hehehe! Most of my characters are somewhat cruel,but have a great character arc.

Anyway, that's about all I have. Bye now. Have a good One. :)

Rave Reviews

Redrose gives so much in one reply. They are always so detailed and she gives such a great amount to the story , not to mention her characters are so well played it's a joy to rp with her. I am always on the edge of my seat and can't wait to get a reply from her. - DarkandLight
We have been RPing together for a while now, more than six months and I have enjoyed everything single post from Redrose! They are all so funny and written so well. The story we are making together has grown so much and I am excited to see what happens next and where it goes in the future! Creative ideas Long-term partner - EvanlynDestiny

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