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Heyo! I’m Redrose! Hope you are having a good day. Yeah, recently redid profile, but.. Here’s a little about me. I'm a writer and gamer for fun, I love music and I love writing. I pour my heart out into words, and love a good story! I know I am only 17, but I have been writing for quite a while. My writing isn't perfect, but I do my best. Sometimes I am very busy, sometimes I am very open! I'm a student so I have activites and schoolwork.

Currently pretty filled up, but if you have a good idea, PM me! Low motivation to write, sorry! Mostly in the Summer Soiree.

I like fantasy, romance, and medieval. Once in a while modern tickles my fancy too.

I write past tense, multi paragraph, third person, and prefer my partner to do the same. Generally I put out 4+ paragraphs per post, but it can fluctuate.

I love a good gritty romance. Turmoil and fighting and tension! I also loved darker fantasy stories. I probably won’t do an rp without romance, but if you’re a good writer and have something amazing in mind, I will.

I roleplay on discord too, so ask.. Most of my characters can swing either way. I try to be as open as possible and learn more as I go. Only a few of my characters have been made canon.

Some of my roleplay pet peeves are.

-- Having to be the only one to pull the plot along.

-- Short replies.

-- First person writing.

-- Few details

-- Someone not reading posts fully.

Books I love

-Court of Thorns and Roses (Series)

-Harry Potter (Series)

- Throne of Glass (Series)

Games I love


-League of Legends



Rave Reviews

We haven't been roleplaying for long, but I'm very happy with how it's going! Redrose has a really good grasp on her character and it's a joy to have my character react to their actions. Also, she's been really patient and kind, which I appreciate a lot! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Annie_isOkay
Red has been a dream to write with since day one, and even though it took us a while to get a solid roleplay going she has been nothing but patient and understanding as we figured everything out. Her character's and replies are all written consistently, and in such an interesting way to keep you gripped with every reply and eagerly awaiting the next one. An absolute gem of a partner! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - CherryWine

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