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| I'll be king & you'll be queen |

| Mellow Chello | Almost Lover | Sveske |
| Big Brother | Van~Van | ༺₱🐼₦ĐΔ༻ |

Copycat; trying to cop my manner. Watch your back when you can't watch mine; Copycat trying to cop my glamour. Why so sad, bunny, you can't have mine? Call me calloused, call me cold. You're italic, I'm in bold. Call me cocky, watch your tone; You better love me, 'cause you're just a clone.

Rave Reviews

  • Hey baby! You complete me. Without you, I don't know what I would do. You're the other part of my brain, you know? We don't work without each other, baby <3 She's an amazing person with great skills in roleplaying and has some awesome characters that you can only...
    -- Mariie
  • This girl is my rock and I love her so much. I really couldn't live a day without her, because she is so much to me. She's my best friend and the girl who makes be laugh and feel good, when I'm sad. She might be a bit crazy sometimes, but that makes her so special. I...
    -- Mariie

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