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Tues-Thursday & Every Other Weekend

Offline Holidays
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-Thanksgiving Week
-Most of December
-Easter Week


Recently I've been available for rps. Right now just working on getting a nice system for timely rp replies. My normal rp partners have been on hiatus. Iam open to more fantasy medieval / Edo era rps or just a classic fairytale story. Message me if you like that type of rp and we can discuss a plot. Im open to semi-mutipara.

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About Me:
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Iam a Tsundere
Half Norwegian
I enjoy personal space
Usually Friendly
Sign: Cancer
Birthday:July 2
Favorite Color: Blue & Black
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite Place: The Ocean
Favorite Animals: Sharks,Wolves,Foxes
Can characters fall in love?
Your favorite character to Rp as?
That's classified information
What's your Favorite Rp?
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Rave Reviews

  • Honestly, this guy is fantastic, I always enjoy speaking with him in and out of character. His characters are super diverse and his writing is just to die for! 10/10 absolute unit
    -- draconicforests
  • I've had my share of people being really mean to me on this sight or just straight up rude. But this person is one of the sweetest people I've met on here. Ranjisama and I haven't role played with each other for even a year yet and I told this person some personal...
    -- Ethlas

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