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Rett / Rin 21 INFJ Gender Fluid He/She/They
Please message first before sending me a friend request!

Sporadic | 24th Sep 2020 (UTC-7)
Working! All my OCs are temporarily anonymous. I'd like to adjust their icons & profiles.

▼ IMPORTANT — Read me ▼

#1. Before you click Befriend...

I'm pretty open to OOC talk and making friends so please PM me when you're sending a friend request! If you don't, I will assume you sent it by accident. It's alright and encouraged to ask if you happen to be interested in my activity on your feed; I can't guarantee that I'll reciprocate, however.

You might also want to check Before you engage... under my About section so you don't miss anything. TL;DR Messaging me means you don't mind the delays or my forgetfulness. Other than that, I look forward to getting to know you!
#2. Sudden Absence

I am prone to disappearing without a word due to real-life circumstances; I come back after I’ve dealt with them. For this, I miss the opportunity to update my profile or notify people. I'm not avoiding any roleplays/players. Needless to say that real-life stuff can be overwhelming so I put everything else at the far back of my mind and I only come back to them after I've settled.

Please do not take my failure to respond to your message personally! I have a streak where my site inactivity can reach up to 6 months to 1 year—maybe even 1.5~2 years. That’s why even if I find myself apologizing for the same reason, I feel never relieved of guilt. I cannot promise I won’t disappear again, but I can promise that I’ll always come back!

To keep the above from happening, I'm presently trying to stay in touch through Discord more than ever, especially in these trying times. If you’d like to stay connected off-site, you can drop me your tag or check mine in my Connect section of this profile. You can also join the unofficial RPR Discord server and maybe find me there!
#3. Prolonged Inactivity + Return

Causes of prolonged inactivity. I may be experiencing one or more of the following:
▼ occupied with my business/work or personal projects.
▼ focused on other hobbies; taking a break from roleplaying.
▼ burned out and/or socially exhausted and need time to recharge.
▼ dealing with/overcoming mental health matters.

I hope you please be patient with me on such occasions. I truly appreciate those who've stuck by me despite any inconvenience I might cause.


"Ice My Bread"





Heya, I'm Leyrette! Just Rett is fine though. I'm a hobbyist artist who loves BBcoding, root beer, milk + avocado, video games, monochrome unisex clothing, bright/muted/pastel colors and people-watching. I draw, game, write, sing, closet dance, and take photos for fun! I also really love my dog.

I try my best to not be awkward. But if you demonstrate to me that you can be your own good kind of weird, I will happily join you! XD

▼ Now what else?

I absolutely love JRPGs, monster-slaying games, visual novels, etc. Namely Persona, God Eater, Devil Survivor, Freedom Wars, Toukiden, and other games (check played "Video Games" under Other)! It takes nearly all of me from geeking out if I find someone who likes the same orz

I draw both traditional and digital. Although I have been quite fond of and practicing digi lately, it wears me out a little more easily.

I'm pretty timid still in reaching out to others. I typically don't speak about myself unless you ask, but I try to be transparent once I get comfortable. Sometimes I find myself either sharing a little more or sharing too little? Let me know whichever's the case when either happens!

I've made some pretty awesome friends here! Life takes priority so they might not be as active as they used to, or they have sporadic RPR activity as I do now, but the interactions we've made aren't forgotten. I always assume people are busy so I feel really glad when I hear back from them. ^_^

▼ Why the handle change?

As I continue to grow, learn, and accept more about myself, I changed my name to something I’m more comfortable with. I was going to change to Leyrette, but I just went ahead with Rett. Of course, old friends may still address me as Rin as they always have! Though I’ll probably respond a lot faster to Rett now. :3c

▼ Before you engage...

I've decided against starting conversations since I can be forgetful to reply/check-in and I know that would be vexing for some so be warned!

As I have stated in the above notice, I tend to have a hiatus streak on the RPR. I can be gone for days, months, or a year. If you really, really don’t mind my being literally ghost-like and suddenly coming back, then I’ll be happy to chat! In my eyes, I love a good conversation I can always “come home” to. ^_^

If you haven't heard from me but you see me in the forums, I might've missed your message or forgot to reply, either opening and closing messages by accident or my reply wasn't sent. Poke me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

I may check in with you from time to time, but I am not the type to badger somebody to reply to me, both in idle chat and roleplay. I will not mind if you’ve been away for a month or so when I’ve probably been away for much longer. It's okay if you reply days/weeks late to me!

If you don’t feel like responding yet, I won’t hold it against you. Especially if it's due to mental health care, then please take your time. You can let me know as soon as you're able to/are comfortable. I ask this same level of understanding in exchange.

If we've talked/are talking to one another reasonably often and you consider closing your RPR account, I'd be grateful if you leave me a message mentioning where else to find you! I've lost budding friendships and potential long-term RP partners when they left the RPR without a trace. I understand if you prefer to keep it that way, however. Just please let me know beforehand.



Closed. Not accepting.


▼ RP Preferences + Notes

caw_by_blobicons-d9cfmyl.gif RP STYLE

Writing a slice of life, drama, romance, urban fantasy, and supernatural genres are my comfort zones and my strong suits. I also love reading character development and dynamics, and will do my best to write them!

I go for a lyrical writing approach and will write in 3rd person with replies at least 2 paragraphs long. I can condense it into a handful of sentences/semi-paragraph if desired. We don't have to match each other's length, but it does help when my partner is descriptive with the scene so we can enjoy being more immersed in the game. I'm not asking for a novella though! Something reasonable to work with would be good.

Show, don't tell. Purple prose or adding unnecessary filler that won't advance the plot/show actions will weaken the tone of the story and most likely will confuse me or break my attention in the RP. As long as we keep the flow of the story going and I feel that you are into the RP as much as I am, I'm satisfied with that!

I do my best to maintain OOC talk. I'd like for us to discuss and toss ideas at each other OOC to know we're on the same page; we drive the plot and keep them flowing. I appreciate honest, mutual effort. We both need to have fun! It doesn't have to be a live chat, so I don't mind being a little lax about RP discussions and schedules. Please tell me if you are starting to lose interest in an RP and maybe we can find something to spice it up! It's also alright if you want/need to withdraw so just say the word.

I have specific RP preferences and playstyles set for each character I play. Please check their OOC page for more information!

If you PM me showing interest in any of my characters, I'll expect that you already have a character and story prompt/general idea in mind of how we'll be going about the RP and intertwining their stories.

Some bits of info is strictly for OOC knowledge only. Although vital, if you feel this will hinder your experience in effectively writing your character and how they interact with mine as authentically possible, you may leave the spoiler-tagged info unread until the said details unfold in the story naturally.

I welcome checking in with me for RP reminders if two weeks have passed. I may have either forgotten to post or forgotten to notify you I cannot post for a certain period. Do leave me a message!

caw_by_blobicons-d9cfmyl.gif HABITS & NOTES

My muse comes and goes—usually goes dormant... for a long time. If you write with me, expect to stretch the RP process long-term (I'd say a year or two... minimum). If you're looking for a long-term RP and/or a long-term friendship (assuming you don't mind me shooting your inbox with an RP reply after a year of hiatus from the game), then you're in the right place!

Have an old RP with me from 3 years ago stuck in your inbox because you weren't in the zone to write back yet? Send your reply when you get that writing juice! I am telling you, in most cases, I wanna kick that good ol' RP back up.

I try to bond with my game partner. Ahh, wonderful friendship. Honestly, I'm much better at this if taken to Discord; I prefer my RPs here though!

Availability doesn't come with inspiration. I may request for more time to write out a reply, or even a break period to free myself from a writing slump. I'm not all for sending you low-quality responses. Of course, should you feel the same, it's totally understandable!

I'm fine writing with people no matter their age, save for mature themes. (I don't want to break any laws lolol) I like to believe that age doesn't reflect how well one writes; practice and experience does.

I'm okay with "slower than normal"-paced RPs. It makes it all the more thrilling, in my opinion. This keeps me from writer's block and gives me more time to create more thought-out responses while we discuss the plot lines.

English is not my first language. As such, I understand that some grammar mistakes are tolerable as long as the point stands. I also like coming across new words to broaden my vocabulary. I can't guarantee that I won't mess up, but I'll do all I can to write well. If I make a consistent mistake in spelling/grammar, or misunderstood and took something out of context, feel free to tell me!

▼ General Rules

No Suggestive RP. I simply am not comfortable and most likely will not hold interest, unless our characters already have a history (from past RPs) and/or developed romantic feelings for each other from a slow-burn in a game.

No Godmodding. Only control your characters and their actions. You also have no control over the results after a character’s actions.

No Metagaming. What one knows as the player is strictly separate from what the character knows through experiencing the story. My characters' actions and beliefs, needless to say, do not reflect my own. OOC knowledge ≠ IC knowledge.

No Mary Sues / Gary Stus. What makes flawed characters lovable is how close they are to being real people due to fantastic writing. Thus, I have no love to give to perfect characters. :c

No Full Horror / Gore RP. A little bit of (comedic) thrill/suspense writing is welcome. Full-on horror/gore, on the other hand, are not my type of fun!

I can decline an RP request when I am (or soon to be) busy, or know that I cannot keep up with playing the game/theme. The same goes the other way around. No hard feelings here!




⚑ Video Games

caw_by_blobicons-d9cfmyl.gif PSN IDs: Leyrette (R3) | ekkurin (R1)
Legend: ⚐ incomplete | ⚑ completed

Tried Games:
⚐ Alan Wake
⚐ Aura Kingdom
⚐ Bloody Roar
⚐ Cytus
⚐ Cytus II
⚐ Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
⚐ Dragon Nest
⚐ Fate/unlimited codes
⚐ Final Fantasy XXIII
⚐ God of War
⚐ Gravity Rush
⚐ Helldivers
⚐ Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
⚐ MIND≒0
⚐ Mirror's Edge
⚐ Muramasa Rebirth
⚐ Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2: Xbox 360
⚐ NieR: Automata
⚐ Patapon
⚐ Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection
⚐ Warframe
⚐ World of Warcraft
⚐ Ragnarok
⚐ Rayman
⚐ Silent Hill: Book of Memories
⚐ Sword Art Online: Lost Song
⚐ The 3rd Birthday

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth
⚐ Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
Code Vein
Code: Realize
Collar x Malice
Devil Survivor
Devil Survivor 2
Freedom Wars
God Eater Resurrection
God Eater 2
God Eater 2 Rage Burst
God Eater 3
Gods Eater Burst
Monster Hunter: World
⚐ Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
⚐ Persona 2: Innocent Sin
Persona 3 Portable
Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight
Persona 4 Golden
Persona 5
Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight
⚐ Phantasy Star Portable
Phantasy Star 2 Portable
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
⚐ Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies
⚐ Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All
⚐ Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations
⚐ Revelations: Persona
Tekken 6
Tomb Raider Definitive Edition
Toukiden: Kiwami
⚐ Toukiden 2
⚐ The Last of Us Remastered

♜ Favorite Series

Games & Animation:
♜ Persona
♜ God Eater
♜ Freedom
♜ Ace Attorney
♜ Phantasy Star
♜ Psycho-Pass
♜ Blue Exorcist
♜ Noragami
♜ Seraph of the End
♜ Hamatora
♜ Seven Deadly Sins
♜ The Promised Neverland
♜ Guilty Crown
♜ Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers
♜ Charlotte
♜ Mikagura School Suite
♜ Avatar: The Last Airbender
♜ The Legend of Korra
♜ Kagerou Project
♜ Miraculous

TV Series:
♜ The Dragon Prince
♜ Sherlock
♜ Stranger Things
♜ Criminal Minds
♜ Drake & Josh
♜ Big Time Rush
♜ Sam and Cat
♜ Victorious
♜ iCarly



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Rin is my adorable and cuddly imouto from the far distant world of Wattpad...til here in RPR! She is very sweet and kind and all of her support and love always makes me shed a tear of joy. I know that she is a very creative, friendly, and lovable person and I know that you would agree to that once you get to know her. <3 - HibariHaru
Ahhh~ T^T so, i'm terrible at keeping up with my RPR, but I looked today and Tengoku-san has left me so many kudos that made me want to cry. I'm so happy that she/he thinks of me as a friend! he/she's so much fun to RP with! her/his characters are intense and fun and real and cool! when he/she asked me for the specific background of my character, I just knew he/she was gonna be an awesome RP partner. he/she's so thoughtful and into the RP, I feel like I'm gonna fall behind unless I get on it! ^^ - BeautifulSorairoDays

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