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Discord: ReyRecords #1395
About RPig with me

- I don't feel comfortable with self-harm/suicide-related topics nor do I do killing off characters

- I also do Alot of teen pregnancy RPs so once again tell me if your not comfortable with that.

- I'm an anxious person so I'll most likely ghost you if I stop feeling the RP, however I don't like being ghosted.

- All of my boys are football players even if their profiles don't say so

- I only RP with human characters or anime characters

- if your character has powers, please dont use the powers in our rp.

- I don't do detailed smut scenes

Character Images/ Models

- None of the pictures on my account are mine
Ayvah - played by Sarah Carpenter
Indiana - played by Sabrina Carpenter
Skyla - played by young Sarah Carpenter
Sawyer - played by Sean O'Donnell
Alexis - Natalie Todd
Maxx - Jake Mitchell
Vivian - Hailey Orona
Jedidiah - Joey Birlem



1 liners
Teen Pregnancy
High School Romance
Long Term RPs


2 liners
Normal Life
Implied smut but no detailed smut scenes
Good Girl, Bad Boy


3+ liners
Things I Haven't Mentioned


Character Abuse
Self Harm/Suicide
Killing Off Characters

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