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~ [ Welcome! ] ~
He/Him | 🏳️‍🌈 | Monsterlover | Synthwave Soul ▽
My name is Ren, but you can also call me Rezz! ♡
I'm a Queer Creature Creator from North America
(He/Him, please, but they/them is also fine if it suits the vibe~)

I'm taking online classes in Gamedev right now, including 3D modeling, some coding, and pixel art. I enjoy animation, video games, sci-fi, monsters, robots, all types of music, and reading/writing in my free time.
Nice to meet you all!
My user/character profiles here are all Under Heavy Construction,
but I'm still open to DMs in the meantime! Feel free to message me,
share memes, and/or cute animals/wholesome stuff, etc anytime ♡
~ [ My Socials ] ~
Carrd | Toyhouse | My Art
Ask Me Anything about myself, my OCs/worlds, art, etc! ♡
Keep in mind all these sites are heavy WIPs (Check back soon!)
~ [ RP Availability & Overview ] ~

Hey! I appreciate your interest in RPing with me 💕 Here is a brief overview of what I'm seeking in my RPs and what to expect as far as my schedule, availability, preferred platforms, etc:

Time Zone: US Eastern (EST/EDT, depending) or GMT -05:00
Availability: WIP

Boundaries: I take downtime after 7pm EST on nights/weekends to spend with my partner so my responses will be sparse then.

Writing Style: Freeform, adjustable length (WIP)

Platform(s): I prefer to RP 1x1 in private usually, either in RPR DMs or in my Discord server. But I'm also open to trying group/forum RPs here, either upon request or during events. If you'd like to RP on Discord, just DM me here so I can invite you to my server.

~ [ Extra Notes ] ~
I am multi-genre and multi-aesthetic, but rarely dabble much in fandoms anymore. As such, I don't really do canon or fandom RPs unless I have a particular craving. Also, please make sure to read the playstyle sections on each of my characters, as they can differ wildly per character.

For personal preference and the safety of all involved, I will only RP and/or add/privately chat with other adults & verified adults.
(21+ Only, but 25+ Preferred) Thank you for understanding!
~ [ Hobbies & Interests ] ~

Hey there! I realized that I didn't elaborate much on myself or what I like to do, so I thought I'd add a little section here for that:

Studying: WIP

Hobbies: WIP

Interests: WIP

Favorite Genres: WIP

Favorite Aesthetics: WIP

Favorite Games: WIP

~ [ And Remember ] ~
"Be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe,
no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here."

- Max Ehrmann, "Desiderata" (1952)

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Rezz is absolutely wonderful to talk to! Not only are they kind, but they have a great sense of humor and are just a joy to converse with. Absolutely stellar. <3 Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - solaris_light
Ren is a very sweet person! Though we don't get the chance to chat often, they are a welcome presence on my discord server and in my streams. I love their enthusiasm and their kindness! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Auberon

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