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Hello new visitor, old visitor, familiar friend, my name is Rhythm, or formally known as Kaylee. I have been roleplaying since about my 6th grade year of middle school, and have been roleplaying on and off since. There's not a whole lot to me, but surely there is a little. I like anime, manga, video games, and art.


I am not very picky with the kinds of roleplay I do, and I am very open to suggestions. The only RP's I WILL NOT do, are: furries and anything involving too much godmodding. I usually will try my best to copy the amount you give me unless im just totally braindead on words. You give me a paragraph, I will return the favor. Also I do request that you not try to control my characters. Small things like accidentally assuming my character walks in a room, fine, but when you describe my characters actions in full, that's where I draw the line. It destroys the fun :c

Instagram: - Art Account - Kyoriokami (I always appreciate the support and a new follower ;3)
Snapchat - Kyoriokami -

Rave Reviews

When I first received a post from Rhythm I was shocked at the amount of detail that she puts in her posts and was quite pleased. I appreciate the time she takes to put details and descriptions in her posts and how developed her character is. She also knows how to give enough information so that you can return a long post. I love that. At first I was worried that my character wouldn't be compatible with hers, but now that we are starting, I see a bright future. Definitely rp with her! - InquisitorCat
Rhythm is such an fantastic writer and her character is amazing. She is detailed and so much fun to role play with. I look forward to her replies every time I check my inbox. Stay amazing Rhythm! ^_^ - MarieSapphire

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