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Hello new visitor, old visitor, familiar friend, my name is Rhythm, or formally known as Kaylee. I have been roleplaying since about my 6th grade year of middle school, and have been roleplaying on and off since. There's not a whole lot to me, but surely there is a little. I like anime, manga, video games, and art.


I am not very picky with the kinds of roleplay I do, and I am very open to suggestions. The only RP's I WILL NOT do, are: furries and anything involving too much godmodding. I usually will try my best to copy the amount you give me unless im just totally braindead on words. You give me a paragraph, I will return the favor. Also I do request that you not try to control my characters. Small things like accidentally assuming my character walks in a room, fine, but when you describe my characters actions in full, that's where I draw the line. It destroys the fun :c

Instagram: - Art Account - SanctionedMemories (I always appreciate the support and a new follower ;3)
Snapchat - Kyoriokami -

Rave Reviews

Our rp is still in its early ages, but I'm already in love with it! Rhythm puts effort in her posts, no matter the lenght, and I admire that. When we first talked about roleplaying, she was excited about her own idea, and that made me happy about it too! XD She has a good grasp of her character and her posts have an energy that makes it impossible to not to plot what could happen next. She's a wonderful rp partner! And I look forward to more awesome rp ^^ - Annie_isOkay
WORDS!? YOU ASKE FOR WORDS!? *looking at out with squinted eyes and doubt* ONLY ACTIONS CAN DESCRIBE HOW AWESOME THIS CHICK IS!

She's patient and that is really admirable! And now! I shall dance to your awesomeness Rhythm *looks like a retarded 3 legged squirrel on drugs* - Ambrosia

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