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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 23
  • Birthday: July 24

Rp Status:Semi Active

Active Rps:13

Inactive Rps:0

Accepting Rps:No

Hi, the name is Rico, first off, soo sorry if I don't reply right away or for a few hours or days. I have 2 jobs so sometimes I'm not able to get to replies right away. I'm usually on from 3pm-11pm EST. I'll sometimes reply on my phone, but only if its like a paragraph or two to respond to.

So yeah, about me. hmm, well, I'm 22, I'm working 2 jobs and im trying to get back in school to get a bachelor's in English for Creative writing!

Anyway, erm, what else? I love to rp of course, i and I like to read and write, and I am currently teaching myself how to draw, with a bit of help from Reeno-Senpai ^~^.
The Fam:
Nee Chan

Here are a few of the things I like to/am open to rp!
    Harry Potter
    Rangers Apprentice
    Dragonball Z
    Maximum Ride
    Teen Titans
    Fast and Furious
    Chuunibyou demo ga shita
    Percy Jackson
    Monster Musume
    Masou Gaken HxH
    Heavens Lost Property
    Artemis Fowl
    Fairy Tail
    And many more..!

Also, here are a few of the genres I like:
    Sci Fi

Oh, and before I forget, I only roleplay with players who are 18+, sorry. Especially for my romance roleplays. I will always do (sometimes graphic) smut scenes, no fade to black.

So, that said, Here is a list of my favorite rpers and people I recommend to rp with:
    Selise(I dunno her player name, she's Anon)
    Connie Lovetts (Also Anon)

Okay, I think Thats about it for me! If you're still reading this, hats off to you! Lol, But thanks for reading!


Rave Reviews

  • I am having an amazing time RPing with Ricochett. His writing style is impressive and I love it. He is ever so kind when needing to talk about the RP or whenever either of us will be busy... I am ever so grateful to have him as an RP partner and I would suggest him to anyone on here :D
    -- AmongstTheStars
  • Rico is one of the best RP players I've ever known! His posts are well detailed, structured and full of fantastic dialogue! OOC hes understanding, friendly and enthusiastic about the RP. It's so fun to RP, chat OOC and brainstorm with him! I look forward to all his...
    -- Lornzie

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    "Just gotta give this lovely woman some more kudos. She is patient, understanding, totally has a brilliant mind, awesome ideas, and just great to talk to ooc. Love rping with her, if you haven't then you should!"
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    "What can I say? She is such an amazing rper, with awesome posts and I'm always eager for her next reply! I would definitely recommend playing with her if you havent already!!"
    (About 1 month and 4 days ago)