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Name: The name is Rid.
Pronouns: I'm a female that uses She/They pronouns.
Hobbies: Rping, Drawing, Sculpting, and Gaming

RP Information:
  • I have been rping for 10+ years.
  • I haven't done so in the past 2. -> So I'm a bit rusty.
  • As stated above, I am over the age of 21 and would rather rp with other people who are 18+. I don't feel comfortable otherwise. Sorry~
  • I am open to playing any gender and any sexual orientation. Also will typically have multiple characters within a story so there is more to work with in writing as well as given more to use for the story.
  • NSFW (which includes Violence, Gore, sexual themes, etc.) are all acceptable. They are always open as long as we have discussions as it may become present within our writing. Triggering subjects are acceptable as well as long as the topic is respected, played properly, and depending on what it is, doesn't go into TOO much detail. Controversial topics are part of everyday life, even though in reality we wish it wasn't. So why wouldn't they be present in the reality of the characters? Just be respectful and don't take things too far. Know the limit.
  • Excessive use of foul language within rps is also fine. Just again, be respectful. Out of the RP, please stay polite, keep ignorance to a minimum, and do not be a tool.
  • Most of the genre's I enjoy are fantasy, modern, sci-fi, supernatural, adventure, and romance. Smut is okay as long as there is story. I also adore fluff and cheesy scenes.
  • I don't mind what method of role play we do be it script, head canon, or paragraph, Though, I do like longer rps... so my preference is paragraph/lit form. I am game for anything. I will most likely match
    the length of whatever is given to me to reply to~
  • As I have life going on, I might be a bit slow but I will try to at least reply once a day... Main goal, multiple times in a day.
  • Lastly, I am cst and go to bed at typically normal times. (Mostly never past midnight.)


Other Places to Find Me:

Toyhouse - I might begin to become more active there to use as my character data base. I only have 10 slots and I have many more than just that. Maybe eventually I'll more slots.
Deviant Art
Twitch - I sculpt & play games occasionally.

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