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  • Epic Member
  • Age: 29
  • Birthday: August 01

“'Stories are the wildest things of all,' the monster rumbled. 'Stories chase and bite and hunt.'”
― Patrick Ness, A Monster Calls

(picture by Sfe M.)


I am Grace.
I make things.

╔ I RP primarily in a slew of settings on Discord and in ╗
╚ ...a freeform sci-fi setting based on Furcadia! ╝
(but don't hesitate to send me a message if you want to play on RPR!)

I can also be found off-site in Canyon River Weyr!
(a semi-canon Dragonriders of Pern RP board)


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[Discord = Rigby#3936]

IC ≠ OOC · IC Actions = IC Consequences · 18+ OOC · Good sportsmanship is encouraged · CST/FST time · Full-time salesperson and illustrator!

Rave Reviews

  • Rigby is an extraordinary, visionary artist and a brilliant storyteller. Their artwork is as stunning as their personality, with a beautiful heart and soul to match! I’m thrilled to know her, call their friend, and to have them as a roleplay buddy! If you haven’t...
    -- Aveilthe
  • Rigby is such a friendly and well-humored person!! And OMG their art makes me so happy!! I love that Rigby's always drawing their friends' characters too - it's a quality that you don't see often but has such a powerful impact in a community in making others feel...
    -- jamerson

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