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  • Epic Member
  • Age: 30
  • Birthday: August 01

“'Stories are the wildest things of all,' the monster rumbled. 'Stories chase and bite and hunt.'”
― Patrick Ness, A Monster Calls

(picture by Sfe M.)


I am Grace.
I make things.

I RP primarily in a slew of settings on Discord and Furcadia, but can also be found off-site in Canyon River Weyr!
(a semi-canon Dragonriders of Pern RP board. LGBTIQA+ friendly, non-canon colors!)


[Discord = Rigby#3936]



IC ≠ OOC · IC Actions = IC Consequences · 18+ OOC · Good sportsmanship is encouraged · CST/FST time · Illustrator; full time software gig


Rave Reviews

  • If home is where the heart is, then The Cosmos is where I will forever hang my hat. Rig, you are one of an integral few in our special little community who have brought me back to life, both OOC and IC. Ours is probably the newest friendship I've forged, but you are...
    -- emroidz
  • Rigby is endlessly imaginative, a good friend, and a terrible enabler. When not actively rping they are always ready to listen to ridiculous headcanons and turn them into LetSays, filling in every gap between scenes with rich character development and hilarious...
    -- AJ_89

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