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I will not accept sudden friend requests from strangers.

Hello it's me Rim.
Genres: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Adventure, Romance
Settings: Medieval/Modern Fantasy, Modern, Cyberpunk
Fandoms I will RP: Skyrim, Warframe, Star Wars
Timezone: GMT+1/+2(Summer), Europe
Post Length: 1-4 Paragraphs
Starter Length: 3-5 Paragraphs

Rave Reviews

I don't know Rim much, but from what I've seen interacting with him on the OOC chat and seeing him occasionally pop up in forums, he's a wonderful person. He's really friendly and was one of the people to help make me feel welcome when I first join in the OOC chat.

So thanks a lot Rim for being such a friendly and welcoming person. He's someone I deffinately hope to rp with at some point. - Thekaleidoscope
Although this gentleman and I haven't chatted or role played. He is a fabulous member of the community. Being encouraging and helpful to other members of the community. Kudos to you. - LakotaSiouxWarrior

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