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Hello my name is Rim. 17 year old male, a weirdo who like role-playing. I've been role-playing for around 3 years, I don't know if it's much or not but I think I'm pretty decent role player. I love art, especially from Renaissance to Romanticism period, same thing with music and architecture.

I love almost any type of music. My favourite genres; Classical, Jazz, Soul, Pop, Rock, Heavy Metal, Instrumental, Orchestral.


RP info

  • Medieval to the Near Future.
  • Accepting almost any type of Fantasy
  • Developed Romance.(Not instant fall in love etc.)
  • And any other genres, although that is to be discussed in pm's.

About my style:
  • Para to Multi Para(1-3 and more)
  • Any term length, preferably long term.
  • Third Person
  • Usually Free-Form, further details concerning this topic are to be discussed.
  • 1x1 and Group RP's.
Reply time: most of times will be weekly to two times a week, unless some other circumstances come into.

Planned Reads

Summa Theologica- Thomas Aquinus(Long read, 3000 pages long.)

My personality in image

How do I feel: Good, nothing more, nothing less.

Rave Reviews

  • RimCaster is a smart and thoughtful guy. I enjoy seeing him about in the forums. His discussion topics of choice and tidbits about his life that I've gotten to see are always interesting to read! I appreciate his presence.
    -- Abigail_Austin
  • Rim is a lad of many interesting ideas with a hand for action and a very good rhythm, open to discussion and further development. I'm sure anyone who enjoys to create stories will have a wonderful time with him. Merry Christmas and happy new year my lad, hope to rp with ya this next year round.
    -- Drink

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