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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: September 19

Status: Offline for some time.

Info: Before you send friend request, talk with me in OOC chat or in pm.
and not one or two messages but more. I'm not biting people.


Yo! Name's Rim. I wouldn't mind if other people pm-ed me proposing RP, I'm RP-ing about 3 years, I'm quite moderate at it, so you shouldn't expect from me really advanced and amazing replies, that doesn't change the fact that I will try the best.
Music Genre that I love:
Classical Music(From Vivaldi to Tchaikovsky)
Music genres I like:


I don't mind genre, although my main forte is fantasy at any setting, as for romances for I don't write them, although I will finish my current romance rp's, no fetishes and erotica since I'm below 18, my length varies from 1 to 4 paragraphs in 3rd person, rarely 1st, any one liner RP or response would be declined, also I don't do script RP.
Important: While I don't approve of LBGTQ and Furies, as long as they don't try to force their opinion on me (that also relates to hobbies) I will try to respect them no matter how weird or obscure it is, if that's what you're happy with then I would keep my opinion to myself.

Also I'm scared of furies.

About myself
I like video game's, music, reading, watching anime and role-playing.
I've 2 dogs: a Peking pure breed and mutt.
My favorite games are Warframe,, Stalker, PSO2, Terraria, Skyrim.
My favourite male warframes are: Limbo, Loki, Ash, Rhino.
My favourite female warframes are everyone except Titania.

Post Status
Depending if I'm free, If I'm free you can expect posts daily, if not then I will reply in a week or less. unless I've to study for important exam

Time zone
GMT+2 Warsaw
Available from 4 pm-10 pm since I'm back home at that time,
Possibly more time in weekend


You can't make everyone happy... but who said you can't make people who are worthy happy.

If you think something is hard, try again, fall and keep fighting, you will sweat, bleed and cry, but if you're dead set on accomplishing it, you can achieve it sooner or later...

Life is a marathon, it doesn't matter who is faster but the one who reaches finish line.

People have impact on others and you've to admit it, lesser or not, live changing or degrading, So yeah the people you surround yourself with can change you to better or worse.

People are living either in darkness or light, but what if... they were living in shadows, would they appreciate importance of darkness and light in their lives and proceed to better they live while they could or would they stay in comfortable shadows, leaving spotlight for others.

Rave Reviews

  • Rim is a lad of many interesting ideas with a hand for action and a very good rhythm, open to discussion and further development. I'm sure anyone who enjoys to create stories will have a wonderful time with him. Merry Christmas and happy new year my lad, hope to rp with ya this next year round.
    -- Drink
  • I don't know Rim much, but from what I've seen interacting with him on the OOC chat and seeing him occasionally pop up in forums, he's a wonderful person. He's really friendly and was one of the people to help make me feel welcome when I first join in the OOC chat....
    -- Thekaleidoscope

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