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Hello there! My name is Rinley and I have been looking for some quality rp for a while, now. I have been roleplaying online since 2007, but have only really ever written with friends I knew or with little success on forums. In the real world, I am a larper and cosplayer and value good storytelling very highly, so I tend to work best when I know what sort of setting and scenario I am getting myself into.

I'm very genre-friendly and can rework my characters into just about any universe or time period, known or unknown, but my favorites are 70's/80's fantasy, weird west and basically anything dreadpunk. As far as fandom universes go, ask first because if I'm not feeling confident in my knowledge of an established universe, I may have a harder time or no interest in it.

There are a few things I'm fine with subject-wise, and a few things that I'm not. Language doesn't bother me- I've got quite a few characters that swear, but I can lighten up on request. I'm fine with violence and difficult subject matter- gore, body horror and sensitive topics are fine with me, but I'm not okay with excessive gore or pain (including physical, mental and emotional) in a fetish sort of way. That's not my jam. What's also not my jam is explicit sexual content. I don't mind mentions of sex, crude jokes, etc. but I'm not interested in the kinks and diddlies.

I also have an rp wish list now! I go into a little more detail about my play style, what types of settings and tone I like and a few scenarios I'd like to explore sometime. You can check it out here: RP Wishlist

As a final note, you may find that my characters' histories are somewhat lacking in their profiles aside from a few general details. This is not a mistake, as I believe in showing my characters through their actions rather than just telling you everything. If you want to know more than what you see, you'll have to find out through roleplay.

If you've got any questions, hit me up here or on Tumblr at

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