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--Yes, I will respond to messages, if I'm not typing for a while, don't assume I don't want to! I'm either afk, in school, or asleep. Please don't hate me for not being able to respond, thanks!--

I'm Rin, just a normal girl that games, roleplays, and texts friends. Mainly I'm calm and warm-hearted, but when people get in the way of me and my family, I can be a bit crazy and protective. I'm in Eastern Time, so I may not be able to reply at times.

My typical roleplay style is usually a few words, or sometimes a sentence, but I do once in a while add detail if necessary. I'm usually into fantasy and adventure roleplays, despite all that, I'm compliant with character deaths or mortal wounds. Sometimes I do throw in some twists, but otherwise I'm on topic.

Well, I hope to get to know you! Find me in the forums or shoot me a PM if you want!

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