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"I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience. That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death." -Robert Fulghum

Hello hello hello!!

It’s time for another change to this shabby, little profile of mine!

First and foremost, I HOPE EVERYONE IS DOING WELL!

Dude, I got to tell you. This Apocalypse sucks ass. I mean, I was hoping for zombies and we get this half assed pandemic? Come on!! PICK UP THE FECKING PACE WORLD! Let’s face it. Zombies are so much cooler.

Ehe he he he. Now that everyone probably thinks I’m an idiot, let’s continue.

I am old. Like, I’m almost at that age of shaking my cane at you young whipper snappers, yelling at you to get off my damn lawn! SERIOUSLY DO YOU NOT KNOW THE WORK THAT GOES INTO LAWN CARE! COOOMEEE ON!


But, don’t let that stop you!

I won’t bite. I mean, not usually. And if I do, it’s because I like you. Consider yourself forewarned.

I love to write. I’m not the greatest and I hate talking about myself, especially trying to sell myself to people. So consider this my attempt.

I am not the greatest rper there is. Not even close to a half way decent writer. But, I will dig deeeeeep down into my little soul and do my damnedest to entertain, amuse, and delight you. Seriously. I’m a people pleaser.

Now that being said, I generally favor the darker natured rps. I torture, torment and down right terrify characters of mine. Especially if they’re happy go lucky types. I want them to have some worldiness to them, some depth and perception. I want (even if they’re completely delved into high fantasy) to have a realness to them. This world of ours, as beautiful as it is, is a dark one at times. I reflect that in my writing often enough.

That’s not to say everything is doom and gloom. I strive to be well rounded after all. I will take every opportunity presented to amuse you in some manner. I am gifted with gab. Even if I don’t wield that gift very well, or use it as often as I should.

Don’t be afraid to pm me! I won’t bite your hand off for reaching out. Now, if I cautiously smell your fingers… I’M KIDDING!

I also happen to be the mother of three amazing kids. I mean, yeah. I’m biased, but whatever. They’re hilarious kids too. I have no idea where they get their amaaaazing sense of humor.

Buffs her nails.

Oh uhm. Where was I going with that again? That’s right, I’m a mother. So my posting will be erratic. Sometimes it’ll be multiple times a day, sometimes it’ll take weeks. Just message me and give me a poke. Or hit me over the head and be like, “Look bitch, we got shit to do.”

Nods firmly.

That aside, I suppose I should touch on what types of rp I do, eh?

Paragraph to Novela.
Sorry, not into smut, if that’s what you’re looking for, look elsewhere.
Sci Fi.
Post Apoc.
Modern Fantasy.
High Fantasy.
Dark Fantasy.
Victorian fantasy.
Victorian Steam punk
Dark Western.
Horror Western.
Fantasy Western.

Should I just say that I’m down for about any genre there is except for non fiction?
I’m down for anything except non fiction.

Whew. I feel better.

Well that’s it for now. Again, FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE ME! I promise, I PROMISE! I will respond. =)

<3 Rip

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Ripley is a giant. A giant heart, a giant brain, a giant talent, a giant humor, a giant writer, and a giant friend. Caring and giving in ways I wish I could be, she's also brilliant, flexible, and cunning in RP. I've been extremely happy in our RP together, and her characters are as vibrant and real as any human person. - JayBird
I've known Ripley for a million years and I've always had a blast when we were able to play together in the past. All of our games were really fun! Ripley has an endlessly creative mind. Her characters are so amazingly detailed and well written too. - MissPixie

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