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Hello! Welcome to my profile. Enjoy your stay!
((I don't do erp so if you have a problem with that, don't message me in the first place.))

A little about me: I love to write and read all kinds of books.
I also love video games. I will play pretty much anything that has an amazing storyline and loveable characters(or I watch playthroughs of Youtubers). Some of my favorite games are Persona 5, Fire Emblem 3 Houses, and Skyrim. I’m also a big fan of Telltale’s games.
I enjoy watching anime from time to time, whether it be Shojo or Shonen. I do like shows like Supernatural, Doctor Who, and the X Files.

Roleplay Info: I will roleplay any genre as long as it isn’t smut. I’m not comfortable with it at all and I have no interest in it. I like to roleplay fantasy and romance with a medieval setting the most since that is what I’m most experienced with. But am open to trying new plots.
My post lengths can be from one line to a large paragraph. It really depends on what my partner gives me. I’m not very picky about grammar or spelling as long as I can understand what was written.
Message me at any time if you want to rp!

You can also message me if you just want to talk, I’m always looking for new friends that have similar interests as me.

My discord is Miss Snek🐍 #3373

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Have I seriously not given kudos to River yet?
Well, here we go! River_Cipher is a lovely person with lovely ideas. You seriously can't dislike them! They give me fast responses, and I always appreciate that! Their characters are definitely made with love. They are so three dimensional, and I love it. So, kudos to you, lovely person! <3 Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - ALTY_Heave
River is quite an enjoyable person to roleplay with! Her posts contain the perfect amount of substance to work with, she portrays her characters perfectly, and from what I've seen she's a really nice person :) . She also responds quite frequently, but her posts aren't so long that it's hard to keep up. I'd check more boxes if I could! Wonderful writer Fast responses - Dekko

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