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Hi I'm Roanroot/Ro if you prefer, I'm relatively new here! Nice to meet you!

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Other-Rowan is an absolute treat to be around. She's respectful, friendly, and excitable. I enjoy her company when we do talk and I love her energy. She understands boundaries and her banter is extremely charming. <3

BROOKLYN is by far one of the most creative characters I've seen and I've been enamored since I stumbled upon Ro and her beau-ti-ful fish. Roanroot is someone I'd recommend because she is E for Everyone. A wordsmith and a treasure for us all, thank you for writing with me. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Rowboat
ro is an infectiously enthusiastic delight of a person, and she writes her ancient fish beast with a refreshingly nuanced and thoughtful take on the "fish out of water" trope. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - lilithian

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  • Rowboat gave BROOKLYN (played by Roanroot) kudos:
    BROOKLYN!!!! This big 'ol fish tickles me everytime she's on scene. I enjoy her funny mannerisms and especially her way of interacting and navigating the world. Recently one of her posts made me damn near cry... It's just such a delight seeing what this big gal is up to, it really is. I adore this fish out of water story <3
    (About 3 days 14 hours ago)
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