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Heyo! I go by Robo or Orun!

I'm a digital artist who originally came from a drawing RP community on Tegaki E, but I do written rps too :D

(All the art on my character profiles is drawn by me unless I say otherwise in the descriptionc:)

Rave Reviews

Robo is creative, that's a given even at the slightest glance - but she's also dedicated, with a very granular mind essential to any worldbuilding and a methodical approach to her art that is genuinely inspiring. Every single one of her designs oozes charm, every character springs from the screen seemingly fully-formed and well-rounded, and every scene is thoroughly engaging - whether you're playing with her, or simply spectating! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Rigby


Beautiful soul and they are very big brained Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Tali

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