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So....where to begin.....Ah yes. As you know I am RodoWodo or Rodo for short. I am a gamer and a artist (although I need to get my but in gear and draw more...) I used to have accounts here before(I had my reasons! don't judge me! -the judging may intensify-) ANYWAYS so essentially I like to get creative with some things and hopefully think outside of the box. I also role play on this far FAR lesser known Role Playing website called . Basically it is a website for fans of the book series known as Redwall written by Brian Jacques to role play.(Worth checking out may I add) Also I'm am in fact a Furry so yeah...ANYWAYS I play on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and I have a steam account along with skype so if you are interested in gaming with me or whatever feel free to shoot me a message. ~cheers!

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