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Hello all!
I've been roleplaying for 10+ years and enjoy a variety of themes.

I also offer cheap humanoid headshot commissions in Anime style. You can find my commission post here

I am now a parent to a grey cockatiel named Tarzan. They are like having a permanent 2 year old toddler, so sometimes I will be very slow with responses.
Also depends on muse

Some of the themes I enjoy
    Reverse harem
    and more

A few things to keep in mind if you want to rp with me

Please keep ooc and Ic separate

Please at least be 18 ooc

No one-liners, please

I do 3 sentences minimum and 3- 4 paragraphs max depending. Sometimes I can write more.

3rd person style only, please.

Let me know if you are done with the rp or if you are going to be busy for a while.

My triggers

First-person. Please don't refer to my character as if I am the character, or refer to your character as you.

major plot changes such as rape, death, cutting and suicide attempts without asking me first

Approaching me in character

Sending a starter without any roleplay discussion. Please approach me out of character to discuss roleplay first.

Grammar Nazi's if you are a grammar Nazi please don't nitpick at every comma or a full stop or whatever missed. I'm here to have fun not to stress about whether I put a comma in the right place or if I spelled something wrong.

Rave Reviews

She is a great Roleplay Partner! Her character Jack and my character Jace are a funny yet cute match which makes it even better but RoleplayGoodness herself is generally fun to respond to and is generally easy to get along with. Highly recommend RPing with her!!! Kind and understanding Long-term partner - NightmareBryce

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