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Not much to tell, full time mother, full time student, aspiring lawyer and author...

I started out writing poetry way back when, it helped be cope with the death of my sister. Began role-playing during junior high; starting off with Warrior Cats (that's if anyone knows what that is haha). I'm on a lot due to being ahead in school and during my kid's down time. Currently enrolled in an online college for an Associate's in Paralegal Studies with dreams of attending Law School within a year or two.

I'm flexible when it comes to different genre's, my favorite would be supernatural, horror/thriller and psychological horror. I'm always open for role-plays, so if you're interested hit me up!

I only role-play with those 18+

I expect the minimum of two paragraphs per response. Sorry but I lose interest easily if you only give me a few sentences to work with.

I'm on daily, so I expect at least one response per day.

I am uncensored, and am completely comfortable with sex, drugs, language, violence/gore, abuse; I have no filters. If you do, let me know before we engage in any roleplay activity.

I do NOT do FXF, once in a while I might be up for a MXM; depending on the circumstances.

I am getting rather tired of people just bailing out of the middle of a game so I will be very selective in my choosing. IF you do have to take a break due to real life situations, please inform me. I understand that sometimes life gets in the way, as I'm sure it will happen to me from time to time. But do NOT just leave me hanging. That really pisses me the hell off and I will more than likely not engage in future role-play with you.

In the creation of my own alternate realm, so replies to rps might be slow. But you should check it out once I get it up here! So excited!

Rave Reviews

Romluek is an absolutely brilliant writer with well-fleshed out ideas and amazing creativity. Her responses always make me fall into a fictional world that I adore, and I love every one of her characters, even if I haven't RP'd with them. The way she writes is entrancing and real, and you can't help but fall in love with her OC's. Her writing is well thought out, and never ceases to amaze me and intrigue me! Every one of her posts displays real emotions and deep thoughts. Wonderful writer Long posts - Rot
This woman.. wow, I don't even know where to begin. She is an amazing roleplayer and has such great ideas. EWe currently have three rps going on and she is keeping up with all of them flawlessly. If I could I would rp with all of her Characters! You won't regret rping with her! I promise!! - Ricochett

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