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Howdy, and welcome to my little profile - You can call me Rook! I RP in a lot of settings, but I mainly stick to doing these RPs on Discord and Furcadia, mainly in a couple Imag dreams! I've been RPing for a very long time.

IC / OOC · IC Actions = IC Consequences · 18+ OOC · No OOC drama/negativity
Treating me like garbage will get you off my interest list real quick, despite any friendship.
My consent is low, but this is not open permission to do what you want. Ask if you're unsure.

Please no Random Friend Requests

You can find me at the following dreams!

E09SlSv.png the-golden-tether.gif uMnBMjl.png

Rave Reviews

I hadn't had the opportunity to roleplay with Rook until recently, and I've got to say that I'm so excited to have been able to finally do it. They have such amazing, well thought out characters, and every single one of them has their own amazing qualities that make them so much fun to engage with. It's my hope that I'll get to roleplay with each and every one of them AT LEAST ONCE, but I definitely wouldn't turn down a thousand times either. Creative ideas Fast responses - emily
An amazing Roleplayer, for sure. I can't even think of where to begin with this woman. She's got a lot of skill and has very interesting characters. Crowling (the character) alone got me hooked onto this player and Zhu is simply even more awesome. If you meet Crowling (and her characters) at any point and they're available for RP, get it from her, she's worth it. - NecraMancie

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