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You know who I am if you're here

I only RP on Furcadia or Discord, please don't request anything in DMs.

Rules and Limitations
IC Actions = IC Consequences
(Let me know your limits and I'll do the same! Be sure that any of that makes sense. Forcing brutality on my characters over small slights is a no-go, always ask first, never assume)

IC=/=OOC. I am not my characters, and they're not all nice! None of what they say or do reflects my views on a character. I also won't change a character's personality even if we're pals.

18+ OOCly, but I will RP with characters of all ages if it fits a setting. Keep your young chars out of 18+ Only scenes though, thank you. This includes graphic violence.

I don't RP sexual scenes; fade to black only.

Otherwise, people should know what is and isn't acceptable. I won't endure nonsense, nor will I take it quietly.

You can find me at these settings

E09SlSv.png the-golden-tether.gif uMnBMjl.png MINI_stepcity_textured_banner_small.png

Rave Reviews

Rook and I have been like two ships passing in the night when it comes to actually RPing -- someday, we'll connect! Her characters are super cool, though, and I've enjoyed looking at her designs for years. There's someone on her roster for just about any plot! Creative ideas - Auberon
I have known Crow for many years and together we have fan girled over each others beautiful creatures and creations and have developed multitudes of character development back in the day. Crow has always been a true friend to me and I've always loved her 'no bullshit' attitude towards those who would try to bring her down. I have always and will continue to admire her and respect her and cannot express enough how FREAKING AWESOME she is. I treasure you more then you know my friend. <3 - Isnelx

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