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You know who I am if you're here

I only RP on Furcadia or Discord, please don't request anything in DMs.

Rules and Limitations
IC Actions = IC Consequences
(Let me know your limits and I'll do the same! Be sure that any of that makes sense. Forcing brutality on my characters over small slights is a no-go, always ask first, never assume)

IC=/=OOC. I am not my characters, and they're not all nice! None of what they say or do reflects my views on a character. I also won't change a character's personality even if we're pals.

18+ OOCly, but I will RP with characters of all ages if it fits a setting. Keep your young chars out of 18+ Only scenes though, thank you. This includes graphic violence.

I don't RP sexual scenes; fade to black only.

Otherwise, people should know what is and isn't acceptable. I won't endure nonsense, nor will I take it quietly.

You can find me at these settings

E09SlSv.png the-golden-tether.gif uMnBMjl.png MINI_stepcity_textured_banner_small.png

Rave Reviews

Crowling is as easy going and friendly as they come - always down for a good scene, excellent with attention to detail, and always on top of things. An awesome person to roleplay with and a great conversationalist, equal parts witty and entirely sensible. A great sense of balance and cooperation as both a person and when it comes to the fine art of collaborative writing! - Tar
Crow has easily become one of my best friends online, and so quickly as well. I love our conversations over stupid internet memes, linking each other silly animal gifs, or just chatting about Furcadia stuff. She's been through a lot on our little game, and I completely sympathize with her, I think she's wildly misunderstood because she isn't super bubbly. Regardless, I always enjoy her company and her roleplay, and I hope we remain friends for years to come. - Esoterica

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