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Howdy, and welcome to my little profile - You can call me Rook! I RP in a lot of settings, but I mainly stick to doing these RPs on Discord and Furcadia, mainly in a couple Imag dreams! I've been RPing for a very long time. I play Overwatch, if you couldn't tell by my icon. Below are my Battletag and Discord name! Feel free to add me whenever you like, if you're interested in RPing or playing online with me.

Quinne#11923 (BTag) x Rook#0729 (Discord)

IC ≠ OOC · IC Actions = IC Consequences · 18+ OOC · No OOC drama/negativity

Please no Random Friend Requests


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Rave Reviews

selena is, by far, one of my oldest friends here and one of the very few i've kept in contact with over the years. she designs amazing, unique characters and is an RP machine. i love her plots and characters, and always look forward to RPing with
her ( when i'm not being lazy ). we had some amazing times together in the past, and while i miss the old days, i can definitely say i look forward to future RP. selena is, and always will be, one of my best friends. i love you! <3 - sorrow
If you haven’t had the pleasure to get to know Rook and roleplay with her, do so now! One of the nicest, sweetest people I know. She is extremely supportive and an excellent friend. Her characters are dynamic and fun to interact with! An excellent addition to any story. She is the cherry on top to make any roleplay much more of an enjoyable experience! You would be lucky to have a friend like her among your group! - Avelithe

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