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  • Gender: Female

Howdy, and welcome to my little profile - You can call me Rook! There's not much here, but as everyone else, I'm mostly here for roleplaying and fun little plots. I often RP in Imag, but can still do some PM-based RPs!

On this note, I don't add random people to my RPR friend's list unless I've RPed with them at some point in time. Don't spam me with requests, please!

While I do do adult RPs, please note I won't do anything that's overly sexual or fetishes that are way out there. I will RP with children characters, so long as no adult themes are brought into the roleplays. Thank you!

I play Overwatch, if you couldn't tell by my icon. Below are my Battletag and Discord name! Feel free to add me whenever you like, if you're interested in RPing or playing online with me.

Quinne#11923 (BTag) x Rook#0729 (Discord)

Rave Reviews

  • Rook as a person is no-nonsense, to the point, supportive, and caring. What she writes are expansive character networks--realistic connections and full families, that bring a new layer of realism and depth to each individual. She's always down for a casual scene,...
    -- AJ_89
  • If you haven’t had the pleasure to get to know Rook and roleplay with her, do so now! One of the nicest, sweetest people I know. She is extremely supportive and an excellent friend. Her characters are dynamic and fun to interact with! An excellent addition to any...
    -- Aveilthe

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