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Hello! My names Rosa and im a basket case... okay not really but i feel like that sometimes, haha.
I'm so happy to say I am a proud roleplayer and story writer! I enjoy basically anything be it 18+ or under.
Top Roleplay themes:
Smut (18+ only.. and dont fib on your ages peoples lol)

Up for any type of roleplays, just need to ask. Even if i don't completely understand, if you teach me ill jump in.
I'm also slowly getting into DnD! (not really good, but ill get better soonish)

Warning: i may reply late and i apologize in advance but i do respond. The reason? Several:
- My time zone.
Im in the U.S Central Time zone.
-Im a full time college student
-part time job

Im also here if anyone want to have an open conversation with no judgment. All topics welcome and i will listen to you vent or whatever you need. Everyone matters<3

Also i recently got a discord soo yay. But if you want that then you have to pm me. ;) :)

Rave Reviews

What i love about Rosa is that their easy to talk
to and gives life to their character they are also
Cool, fun, and a great roll player i totally recommend
them. They're also creative. you won't regret it.
Kudos 😎✌ Helpful Creative ideas - Optimusprimal99
Rosa is the best! She always makes sure to have something to work off of in her responses, which always have just the right amount of detail. Outside of RP she is nice and always willingly to talk and answer questions. She really makes you feel welcome and appreciated! :) - Jarod

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