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Hello, I am RoseyProsey! I am a college grad working a retail job who uses writing as an escape from their mundane life and researching grad school programs. I love gaming (particularly BioWare), reading, animals, and am in the process of writing a novel in my spare time.

I have been rping on and off for a little over ten years now. I pretty much play strictly MxF pairings and prefer to play female characters. I am a huge fantasy and Greek mythology (as well as some Arthurian legend) so I particularly love writing those types of stories. I would maybe be willing to do more sci-fi stuff depending on the story. I also am venturing into fandom rp, mostly with Marvel as I have a few OCs that would be fun to play with in that universe. I enjoy writing complex stories with mature themes and therefore would prefer to write with adult partners. It just makes me more comfortable.

I confess I have far more characters than I am allowed character slots on here so if you ever want to hear about characters of mine not featured here or want to discuss a potential RP please do send me a message. Looking forward to hearing from people!

Rave Reviews

Miss Keller is the epitome of grace, composure, and vaguely threatening otherworldiness. Beneath the gentleness is a titan waiting to be unleashed, unexpected and awesome in the original use of the word. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - honey-and-iron
Amazing rper, wonderful creative talent, and a super supporter too. They go out of their way to help and to stimulate plots and lore. I can't wait to have tons more RPs with this person. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Cromagus410

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