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Hello, I am RoseyProsey! I am a college grad working a retail job who uses writing as an escape from their mundane life and researching grad school programs. I love gaming (particularly BioWare), reading, animals, and am in the process of writing a novel in my spare time.

I have been rping on and off for a little over ten years now. I pretty much play strictly MxF pairings and prefer to play female characters. I am a huge fantasy and Greek mythology (as well as some Arthurian legend) so I particularly love writing those types of stories. I would maybe be willing to do more sci-fi stuff depending on the story. I also am venturing into fandom rp, mostly with Marvel as I have a few OCs that would be fun to play with in that universe. I enjoy writing complex stories with mature themes and therefore would prefer to write with adult partners. It just makes me more comfortable.

I confess I have far more characters than I am allowed character slots on here so if you ever want to hear about characters of mine not featured here or want to discuss a potential RP please do send me a message. Looking forward to hearing from people!

Rave Reviews

After spending days of talking and writing with Rosey, I have to say that I'm surprised that I see no Kudos left on her profile. Not only is Rosey creative and a reasonable person, she has a wonderful energy about her. I have enjoyed all of her complex and layered characters I've written against to this point and not to mention how she's been contributing to the group, and I'm grateful for that. Her energy and creativity mix extremely well and I can't wait to see what will be ahead of us! <3 - Queen_of_Hell
There's a very small number of people I trust with the well-being and stability of WoD, and Rosey is definitely one of them. Rosey maturely takes on the responsibilities, faces any and all challenges face-first and she keeps coming up with very interesting and fun ideas that spice up both the plots and the characters. I find her input invaluable and I know I can turn to her about any issue, because I know she'll look at it from a very mature and logical perspective. There's no better Warden! Helpful Drives the plot forward - Queen_of_Hell

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