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Hello everyone! I apologize for the slow replies, I've been working my butt off like crazy lately with these holidays, but I am getting back into role playing.

This is a big one. Whoever wants to roleplay, you yourself must be 18+ and your characters must be 18+ It is even in the site rules.
Anything that happens in the role play, its not real life and it is only between our characters.
NO TEXT TALK. I will stop role playing with you. I honestly find text talk really annoying.--
At least give more than one little line like (Ex: *Smiles*) Give me something to actually work with, or I'll get bored quickly.--
Do NOT control my character in the role play. I don't control yours. If you do I will stop the role play or block you.--
Please tell me when you are leaving or if you are going to be right back. I don't like when people just disappear.--
Do not start a role play with just a rape or some types of cyber.. I don't do that. I don't like the rape thing. But if the rp leads to cyber I will. I like to create a story before my character just jumps into bed with some random.--
Something that really annoys me, is if there is always that damsel in distress over and over again! It gets so boring and old!--
Please.. do not have your character really really shy and clingy. I'm sorry, but I can't stand it when characters are like that. They aren't as fun as the outgoing characters. I don't mind if you character is shy and hesitant a little bit, but through the whole rp..I am going to get seriously bored and not even have the effort to reply.

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Adeline Menters (played by Roueg)
A remarkable character I came across while perusing character profiles. Well described well and well written. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - LakotaSiouxWarrior
Our plot didn't last long, but I quite enjoyed it while it was active! Rouge is very easy going and kind which makes plotting as well as OOC chat with them very comfortable, I look forward to possible RPs in the future. I certainly recommend messaging them! Kind and understanding - Sauron

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