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Hello everyone! I apologize for the slow replies, I've been working my butt off like crazy lately with these holidays, but I am getting back into role playing.

This is a big one. Whoever wants to roleplay, you yourself must be 18+ and your characters must be 18+ It is even in the site rules.
Anything that happens in the role play, its not real life and it is only between our characters.
NO TEXT TALK. I will stop role playing with you. I honestly find text talk really annoying.--
At least give more than one little line like (Ex: *Smiles*) Give me something to actually work with, or I'll get bored quickly.--
Do NOT control my character in the role play. I don't control yours. If you do I will stop the role play or block you.--
Please tell me when you are leaving or if you are going to be right back. I don't like when people just disappear.--
Do not start a role play with just a rape or some types of cyber.. I don't do that. I don't like the rape thing. But if the rp leads to cyber I will. I like to create a story before my character just jumps into bed with some random.--
Something that really annoys me, is if there is always that damsel in distress over and over again! It gets so boring and old!--
Please.. do not have your character really really shy and clingy. I'm sorry, but I can't stand it when characters are like that. They aren't as fun as the outgoing characters. I don't mind if you character is shy and hesitant a little bit, but through the whole rp..I am going to get seriously bored and not even have the effort to reply.

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All I can say is "WOW!"
This lady has such an amazing writing style that it blows my mind each time I read one of her responses. The story we've got going at the moment flows so nicely and it reads so well. Her character is portrayed beautiful, both in descriptive and verbal text. There aren't enough stars in the world to rate her with. - Inatixia
I love her style of writing! Roueg has that special something, that spiece which makes every dish super tasty. Her answers are full of heart and emotions, they are so enjoyable to read. I simply love the way she lets her characters interact with yours, especially the ideas she brings up in a RP. She has truly some magnificent skills and I can't wait for her next reply! :) - LonleyPoet

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