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If you're not into romance stories, I'm probably not the best RP partner choice for you! ♥

You can call me Roxy. I'm a comics artist from Spain. All the art you can find around here of my characters is done by me.

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✿ Things to know before RPing with me:
  • I only befriend if we get along OOC.
  • I don't appreciate being ghosted.
  • Long waiting responses ruin my motivation and inspiration for the RP (one week or more)
  • I'm fine with putting a story on hiatus for a bit.
  • Too long hiatus might lead to losing motivation and inspiration for the story.
  • I always announce when I want to drop and RP or need a break.
  • I only RP if the story keeps me motivated and it clicks for me.
  • I only RP in 3rd person.
  • I don't play with one-liners or if the writing isn't decent.
  • Real life face claims are a no-no.
  • I don't need your characters profile to be super detailed at all. But at least a picture and some super basic info.
  • I don't enjoy super long responses and too many things going on at the same time. 2-5 paragraphs are fine.
  • Romance and ERP (erotic RP) are my favourites.
  • Yes, I can do cheesy fluffy romance with no ERP.
  • Yes, I also enjoy pure ERP if it's one shots sometimes. If longer, there must be a plot behind.
  • I'm up to explore some kinky stuff and/or taboo, but I have my limits.
  • I love drama and darker plots too.
  • Action scenes bore me, so keep them brief.

Rave Reviews

I'm a little confused why I haven't given Roxy a kudos already. But here I go;
Roxy has been one of the most amazing rolplayers and artists I've met and I'm so glad to have a few RPs going on with our characters ♡
She's a very kind person and lovely to plot for an RP and have a chat to. Her writing and art inspires me greatly and I know it is bound to inspire others :) Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Berrystar
This person is amazing. The writing from them just draws me in closer to my screen. if you ever decide to roleplay a person and you come across Roxy, give them a chance. You would find yourself wanting more and more from the writing Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

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  • Roxy gave metacarpal kudos!
    "We only RPd once and my head still goes back to that story even though it had to be closed after some month due to life issues. But I really enjoyed our time writing because it was very easy to immerge into the story and empathize with the characters. Wonderful writer Long-term partner"
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  • TroyLocke gave Roxy kudos:
    Roxy is amazing in countless ways, from wonderful and cute ideas to the amazing art and comics she has created! It has been well over a year now since we've been writing and plotting together, having expanded it into a whole giant story that is amazing. I can't wait to see where it all goes! Wonderful writer Fast responses
    (About 2 days 17 hours ago)
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