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If you're not into romance stories, I'm probably not the best RP partner choice for you! ♥

I only accept friends requests if we've spoken or roleplayed before and we're in good terms!
I also use Discord but only share it with people I've befriended! ^^

You can call me Roxy. I'm a freelance comics artist from Spain.
Website || Instagram || Twitter SFW || Twitter NSFW

✿ About Ghosting/Abandoning

I guess it happens and it's out of my control. Of course I'm not a big fan of being ghosted, but it's not something that won't let me sleep at night 🥲 I won't tell you what to do or beg you to keep me informed. All I can say is how I personally deal with these kind of situations:

I usually consider myself ghosted if I hear NOTHING from my RP partner in about 2 weeks. The first time this happens I will ask if you're still interested. If I continue to be ghosted after that, I close the RP and it's very unlikely that I'll RP with that person again in the future. I never ask twice. If I continue being ghosted I assume you're not interested and I'll just leave you alone.

✿ Why I roleplay

I'm an artist and I create characters and stories. I roleplay to develop these characters, figure out their personalities, what works for them and what not. Sometimes the roleplays are just so accurate and perfect for them that I end up closing that character for RP as their story is figured out. This could end up in a collaboration between us, who knows. But at least some sketchies might come out of it! <3

Of course, I also roleplay because I love it and have fun creating stories. I've been doing it since I was a child and it's just part of my daily life. I don't just roleplay to pass time. I actually need it to boost my imagination and let out all the ideas out of my head!

✿ My RP style

I write somewhere between 2 to 5 paragraphs, sometimes longer if needed, but I don't enjoy writing long responses because it pushes the story too far not allowing the other person to enjoy what's happening. Besides, if my character makes too many actions, it doesn't make it easy for my partner to react to everything or at least to what could be important to them.
I prefer taking it slow, go event by event and enjoy it the most as possible.

I also like to describe emotions, feelings, gestures, face expressions... little details are very important to me. It shows how the character really feels about something or someone in certain situation. Most of the times the gestures are even more important than the dialogues and they express much more.

✿ What I don't enjoy

Poorly written RPs like:
- One liners. In general, too short responses. It feels like there's no interest... in which case, why wasting our time?
- I'm usually ok with short answers like a single paragraph when it's required, but not all the time. It really pushes me away when this repeats too many times. I'll probably quit if this happens.
- Most of the paragraphs are dialogues but the character isn't doing anything. You can talk and make some gestures to express those words somehow. Sometimes, body expression tell more than words. But please... a whole paragraph only with dialogue is exhausting, feels like a monologue at it kills me in real life, it kills me in RP too. People don't just talk, people make gestures, expression, they move, they express with more than just words. Might pour some wine while talking, might brush their fingers through their hair... Don't just be a robot! This is a huge alert for me and I get truly bored eventually. (Unless it's really needed, if it's done on purpose for whatever reason, that's fine!)
- I don't like my character being treated badly or hurt unless the RP requires it, we'd discuss that through OOC.
- I don't enjoy RPs where my partner isn't helping to move the story forward. I understand that sometimes it's impossible to do so and I must lead a few times. But other times, you also have to lead. Leaving all the mastering to me alone it gets boring and I'll eventually quit.

✿ What I do enjoy

- Romance. All of my stories are romantic one way or another, sometimes more dramatic, other times pure sugar, sometimes happy ending, other times terrible endings. I'm sorry if you're not into that, in that case I'm probably not the best partner for you! I do enjoy fantasy, action, drama and dark stories a lot, but if the romance is missing, I'm going to get really bored.
- ERP (erotic RP). I enjoy one shots just for fun but also part of longer stories. I don't fade to black but I'm alright with doing it, so let me know what makes you feel more comfortable! I'm a romance nerd, with or without the smut I still love it just as much! Still, this is not a requirements for RPs!
- OOC chat and brainstorming to give the characters more credibility and life.
- Express the characters emotions, how they feel, little details that make the character special and unique. Or the way they treat my character, like, the way they look at them, the way they touch, how they feel. I work with these kind of things a lot but it gets harder when the other person totally ignores what I'm describing, so I eventually would try to adapt to your undetailed RP and eventually get bored and leave it.
- I love when characters have chemistry, but I don't like forcing it to happen. I already had experiences with RPs where we thought it would lead nowhere and suddenly the characters were connecting so well together that I ended up writing the story and now, turning it into a comic. Other times we play with the intention for a romance and it simply doesn't work, and that's alright, no need to force it.

I think that's all for now! Thank you for reading and I hope we play sometime soon <3

Rave Reviews

I only write with her for a few days but I fell in love with her writing style. After discussing the plot we just let our characters drive the plot forward and wait how they will connect. It feels all so naturally and i definitely recommend it to write at least one story with her and make a picture on your own! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Wonderful writer Long-term partner - EagleBearer

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