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I'm Roxy, artist looking for fantasy and romance roleplay to boost my imagination!
I'm from Spain actually, timezone is CEST.

Preferences about RP:

I mostly roleplay in high fantasy worlds but I also used to play in fandoms always with original characters, not canon: Naruto, Sonic, Final Fantasy, Furries...
Fandom roleplay are good every now and them but I totally prefer my own original characters.

As for the styles, I prefer the followings:

(The % means on a scale from 0 to 100 how much I like each of those things)

- 90% erotic (ERP): not a must, but I enjoy some of these scenes as well.
- 100% romance: all my RPs WILL BE romantic, so if you're not into that, it will probably not work out
- 60% magic: I love magic settings but it's also not a must!
- 20% action: I'm not really into action, so I would rater just describe some and move on, just focusing on the result.
- 60% drama/tagedy: To make the romance more interesting, some drama is needed!
- 40% technology: Either fantasy or modern world, but I'm not really into futuristic world.

So basically I adore romance, making two characters fall in love and making it quite difficult for them to be together. I love to write some romantic adult scenes as well, I'm totally fine with describing all the details~

RP conditions:

I like my roleplays to be quite... relaxed? I mean, yes I do love som drama, action... but sometimes I meet people that are constantly driving me into active situations and when I'm reading I get overwhelmed and I write with a lot of rush because... that's how it actually feels! I get in character very easily and when I open an RP and I already think: "oh god action again..." it gets a little bit frustrating.

I don't enjoy characters that are constantly feeling superior than mine. My characters are usually quite submissive, but some are powerful and still, nice people. I never go like: "I'm the best and you are trash" no matter how powerful my character is. So pleas, don't do that either.

Also, I don't require you to write many paragraphs! Sometimes, a response needs to be short, or you just aren't sure what else to add and that is perfectly cool! It happened to me many times, people expecting me to draw like a whole page and... I got frustrated and started to write totally random and nonsense stuff... that ruins the fun and quality of the story. So please, don't force yourself to write the bible with me, just write what you feel comfortable with!

About adult content... I am an adult and I do write NSFW (+18) stories, and I also draw erotic art and stories so it's totally fine with me. But if it's not alright with you, that's totally fine, just let me know and we will avoid those kind of situations!

This is my website in case you'd like to see some! And if you'd like to get some art of your characters, don't hesitate to contact me!

Thank you for reading <3


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