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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 25
  • Birthday: November 30



Hi, I'm Alex! I love making stories from a director or movie kind of stand point. Splitting up the original group and branching two stories out at the same time only to regroup later with two sets of new experiences. I love fantasy, but I enjoy the challenges of sci Fi as well.

Some of my favorite stories I've been in are: Treasure Man, Rot World, Repeated Ressurection, and Sleepless.

Stories I am in right now that I have high hopes for include, but are not limited to: T.M.2 Oceans on Fire, 21 Drinks, The Hail-Fire War, and A Sapphire Crown and an Ivory Throne!

Rave Reviews

  • What can I say, RoyaleX318 is a pretty serious RPer. He puts a lot of times in his posts, and overall RPing with him is pretty fun. Good job Royale. :D
    -- MugoUrth
  • I agree that Alex is great at portraying his characters, but it's more of how he makes a story line of his RPs and how he organizes them that gets me. His RPs are never boring, you always have something to run off of and you keep the anticipation throughout. Great...
    -- PANGAEA

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