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Hey! You can call me Coyote. I'm a gay, indigenous writer and I have a lot to say about OCs. All art on my profile is done by me unless stated otherwise.

You can read my writing and get a feel for my style on my writing blog here. (There are some writing related reblogs there, original writing is always visibly titled and put under a readmore)

I write fantasy, action, and adventure in variety of different settings. I like plot and character driven stories more than anything else. I'll definitely do nsfw rp if my partner is down for it, but even then there's gotta be some substance to it. I'm all for pwp but the characters still have gotta feel alive, yk?

I have a lot of very specific plot ideas that I am ALWAYS willing to pitch! But they're not the only things I'm willing to do, I want to hear your ideas and I love to brainstorm. Also, if I don't have any rp ads or ideas posted that catch your eye then hit me up with yours; odds are the ones posted are probably just the more specific ones I'm craving at that moment.

I prefer to rp over discord, and I don't typically mind how often a partner responds. I can actually be pretty spotty myself so I'm in no position to pressure you for a timely reply lmao. (Also, obviously please extend the same courtesy to me, I'm an adult with a job and rent and hobbies outside of roleplay lmao)

Also all of my character bios are pretty barren, and I have a lot of ocs I haven't made profiles for yet. So if you don't see anyone who grabs your attention, talk to me! I probably have someone to fill the role you're looking for.

Disclaimers: I only rp with people over 18, preferably over 21.

Favorite genres:
    Medieval fantasy
    Historical Fiction
    Modern fantasy

Favorite themes/tropes:
    Enemies to lovers
    Corruption arcs
    Religious themes/imagery
    Reluctant travelling partners

I'll definitely expand on this more but that's a pretty good gist of it. Hit me up! I'd love to rp.

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