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My name's Asher! I am an afab demiboy who normally uses the pronouns They/Them/Theirs. I am currently in school-which sucks- and will only be on during school hours. I prefer 1-on-1 general or romance rps, but I don't mind doing horror. I hope we can have fun together! <3
Ways to contact me-
Commaful/Storytellers' Circle=RussianRxulette ((Only for commissions, please))
Epic account=trans-boy-AsHeR I only play rocket league, and can't speak or hear on it ^w^

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Epic roleplay partner! I love it when I roleplay with them, there's so much detail given! They reply quickly and are very understanding! Kind and understanding Fast responses - wolfie9753
they are super understanding and reply's to you as soon as you send the message I recommend Russian Rxulette as a friend and a great role-play partner
Kudo's to you! <3 Kind and understanding Fast responses - starwolf

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