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I am glad to have him on board with us over at Yveridia. It's been great fun to get to know them, even a little. Their humor is up my alley and we get to have our laughs. I've rped very little with them, but the time that I have, I have enjoyed it. It is as Ehen has said, Ryu is very level headed person and I am glad to have that in my life as a whole. Good people, even if he'd like to brush that off. We just won't let you, Ryu. You're too good of a person for that and everyone has to know it. - Djinn-n-Tonic
This person is an amazing roleplayer. We've been having a very engaging RP, one that I'm eager to see where it will lead, excitedly expecting his reply. We've been driving the plot together rather than me alone. It's a co-op thing that I really enjoy. His posts are detailed and give enough to follow. He adds interesting twists and turns that give opportunities to explore IC. It's been a pleasure to RP with him and develop a character that I was about to delete, but now I love so much. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - JustAStory

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