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What is up butter cups?

Here's a bit about me.

Self-Certified King of Puns

RPR's Resident Gif Master

2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do

I enjoy sloths, puns, and guns what. Games are the bomb and I'm generally a pretty chill guy. I won't hold a punch though so if you ask my honest opinion be ready for it. We can disagree and still get along. I don't take kindly to people picking on others and will do my very best to be a voice for the unspoken and bullied. That being said I don't cater to those who fake the victim.

Whoa that got pretty tense there.

Most people know me by my moniker Ryu Genhasyri or plain jane Ryu. He's my longest held character and despite my attempts I can't be rid of him. I am also one of the Admins for Yveridia, a medieval fantasy RP group on here and on Furcadia.
Gamertag: Breckenridge119, lets play!

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Rave Reviews

Ryu is one of my favorite people, and I'll tell you why. He's one of the best people to talk to if you want a level headed, honest opinion of something and that's a pretty rare trait now a days. He's a lot of fun to talk to even if we're just bullshitting about video games, life, or what have you. His characters are insanely realistic despite a fantasy spin. All in all, Ryu is a sweet heart and deserves all of the love. - Healthbar
I miss this lovable goof and all the time we spent chatting and what not. He's a very good person, and very straight forward about his opinions. If you want to hear something very honest, he's your guy. For me, being told something without the sugar coating is always refreshing because I know he's just being honest and it's coming from the goodness in his heart. We haven't really rped all that much together but from what I have seen he's fantastic - great person all around. - Healthbar

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