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  • Gender: Gender Fluid
  • Birthday: January 31

Oi! Thar be dragons here! :D

'Ello folks, SINDragon here! But please, call me Wake.

I'm just a regular internet denizen who likes Dragons.

I have the best characters, trust me. I mean, who else can come up with:

D A R KooL O R DooT O A S T E R

:P Don't take me seriously. I'm just a big silly who wants hugs.

I don't care about what pronouns you refer to me as, considering I've had a taste of both worlds. Though, if you really must, just use them/they. Also, for anyone wishing to know, I am indeed a minor. No funny business please.

Friends- or at least people I consider my friends :)

Claine, Tiny,
Jay, Josie<3, Nikki, Bones, Suluxz, Sanne,

Some of us don't talk as much anymore, some not at all, but I definitely want to continue this friendship and connect even more! I know I might not get the chance to with all of you-
some I may have wasted time getting around to or some may have disappeared off the Earth, but I'm going to try and make an effort. Thank you all for making my experience here on the RPR amazing and guiding me through life as I continue to grow into adulthood.
I am truly grateful for everything, and if there is anything I can do in return, I'll do my best to see it through. <3 Stay lovely and amazing, all of you~

Please don't ask me to Roleplay with you. Yes, this is a roleplay site, but I just can't handle it at the moment. I am currently plagued with Writer's Block, coupled with the everyday stress that occurs at school and exams.

Here are some useless facts about myself...

1. I'm learning to play Ukulele! :D

2. I love musicals so much I actually want to write one! The initial story I had in mind for it however wouldn't fit the media, so I'm currently writing a book instead!

3. I want to animate (cartoons) so I can inspire people like myself. :P

4. Maths makes me sleepy.

5. My biggest achievement so far in life is scoring in the top 100 of the youth of Australia in Grammar and Punctuation twice. I got to sit in a chair for 4 hours, got on stage for less than five minutes and got a tiny slice of cake. Throughout the entire event my crush's family's friend (a rather old looking man) stared at me intently whilst I sat separated from the crowd. When the ceremony ended it was 11:54pm and we were all expected to go to school the next day.

6. I am highly insecure about my voice, so if say you were a part of the RPR Discord or something, I probably would mute myself and use text to speech the whole time.

7. I am constantly tired.

8. I am a paranoid pessimist. This is probably one of the worst combinations of quirks.

9. I love canoeing and have recently gotten my very own Kayak. :D

10. I have never revealed my gender on this site, however it can get pretty easy to tell if you snoop around a certain part of my profile. ;)

11. I'm learning German but I kinda suck haha. My family on my mother's side originates from Germany, but they moved to Australia to escape the war with help from my Great, Great, Great, Great Uncle. After learning that, I've been quite fascinated with the language, culture and the history of Germany. But yeah, you'll see that with most of my writing and the worlds I imagine up always contain some form of German in it. And by that, I mean names. I mean, what's a better name for a big scary Cave with significance to plot than Höhle, which is literally just 'cave'?

Anyway, here's a little more about me!

I'm happy as heck right now. Truly, my world just flipped, turned upside down and then back around. <3 I feel like I can fight a bear and win.

Even if I'm not roleplaying much at the moment, I still enjoy gaming!

Due to wishing to keep personal matters, well, personal, I will not share my Steam account. However! Free to play browser games such as Board Game Online, Pinturillo 2, Town Of Salem (Not Coven however, I have no money), Cards Against Humanity and the like are accepted.
Guys Tiny is back!!! :D If you hadn't read my profile before this revelation, I originally had a link to both Tiny and her group, the RPR Game Night. Both were mysterious deleted and disappeared, until recently sHE CAME BACK!

So anyway, advertising aside, I'm your typical 'has ideas but can't put them into words' kinda Dragon. I'm a panromantic homosexual. In fact, I'm writing this out while sitting in my closet with a cat sitting on my feet, so you know it's true.

For all who are interested- yes, I am from the Land Down Under, where women roam and men wander. Can you hear the thunder? You better run, you better take cover. If you get this I will love you forever smol bean reader.
I art a lot, however it's all hand drawn. Meaning, I can't necessarily share it online with perfect lighting and no blur. I may possibly be getting an Art Tablet this December, however it's not quite set in stone.
Here is one drawing I did though...


I, like many aspiring authors, have one main universe/muse, one I have named Nicotine. Don't ever let me talk about it. I'm a huge nerd and I'll probably talk your ear off.

I'm still in highschool so please no bad beanery. Please understand my crappy time schedule that is most likely really unaligned with your's 'cuz you probably live in America or England.

If you see someone named SpooplesTheGhost or Ziroh/Zirok/ZirohTheZero/ZirohChance online somewhere that is probably me.

If you are reading this small text you are good bean. Thank you for somewhat wanting to know about me. :)


Rave Reviews

  • SINDragon is always a fantastic face to see in the RPR Discord chat! They have a great sense of humour and a sweet personality! SIN's character are all unique and reflect that sense of humour! How many other players do you see with a balloon and toaster? Also, they have a cute and cartoony art style!
    -- Claine
  • SIN was always a good presence to have in the chatter box, and I've been interacting with them more in the Unofficial RPR Discord server. They're a lot of fun, and discussing different topics that come up there have always been enjoyable. My RP experience stems...
    -- FreeJayFly

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