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  • Gender: Gender Fluid
  • Birthday: January 31


I'm a concise writer who usually can only reach a paragraph or two per post.
If you can't handle anything less than a novel and a half per post, I ain't your dragon bud.

That out of the way, hey! I'm SINDragon. Most people call me SIND or Derg though.
I'm Australian, can't legally buy alcohol yet and have too much time on my hands.
I don't roleplay as much as I used to. I'm currently in one right now and I think this is my first actual proper roleplay in two years. Hooray!

Roleplay wise, I prefer building character relationships rather than fast paced action or stuff like that. Call me boring, but boy I love it when characters grow together and establish a bond harder than steel. I don't care if the roleplay becomes really long because of it, it really becomes enjoyable. So yes, I will willingly shove the plot into the backseat and pull that sweet, sweet bonding sessions up front for the rest of the ride.

Oh and one last thing, if your name is Zet and you like to make awful puns, GET OUT.
Thank you.

OB is best boi fite me

Rave Reviews

  • SINDragon is always a fantastic face to see in the RPR Discord chat! They have a great sense of humour and a sweet personality! SIN's character are all unique and reflect that sense of humour! How many other players do you see with a balloon and toaster? Also, they have a cute and cartoony art style!
    -- Claine
  • SIN was always a good presence to have in the chatter box, and I've been interacting with them more in the Unofficial RPR Discord server. They're a lot of fun, and discussing different topics that come up there have always been enjoyable. My RP experience stems...
    -- FreeJayFly

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