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"Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have a cup of tea first?"

Hey there, I'm SailorMac. Feel free to call me Sailor though. And yes, I am a female. I'm not sharing my age at this time because that's just weird. I don't know you... Stalker.
My hobbies include working, sleeping, doodling, listening to music and playing vibeo james. Some of my favorites include; Minecraft, Rivals of Aether, Portal and Overwatch.

Enough about me now, I should share some of my roleplay preferences.

- I do multi para, and can get anywhere from 1 to 6 paragraphs in one response. However if you're not willing to give me something to work with, this can be proven difficult.
- All of my characters are my own characters. I don't pretend to play someone from real life.
- I don't personally enjoy fandoms and/or ships.
- I will not tolerate any godmodding or OP characters. It's honestly just childish and not fair for your partner.
- While some of my OC's will and do have powers, there's no "indestructible" option. Again, it's just not fair.
- Yes, I do play smut if it's required or if it's in the story. I will not base an entire roleplay off of a huge sex scene.
- My partner is not limited to who they can and cannot play.
- Going back to the multipara thing, if we're both clear on writing more than one sentence, and you give me one sentence.. I won't reply. I'll send you a message, but if it happens again I'll just drop the whole roleplay.
- I do tend to get pretty busy, so unless you catch me online, I probably won't reply right away lol
- I will try anything once, but I love slice of life/romance, or fantasy/medieval themed rps
- Most of my characters are anthros, (not furries) although I am not limited to just anthros and will play humans, or fantasy characts (elves, dragons, centaur, etc)
-If you just want someone to talk to and you happened across my profile, feel free to message me. I'm here for you ♡

Anyway, that's all! I'll have my characters updated soon (considering I've just started my account) Thanks for stopping by!

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