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I am a 17 Year old Human of the Male variety currently with plans set on going to college in a year. I am very much your picture perfect middle class white boy, I was raised as an Army brat in the US, I have lived in 2 countries, visited 10, and have been into every US state with the exception of the west coast, Nevada and Maine. My favorite color is orange, but like the Tron sort of orange, or the kind that pairs well with a grayscale color. I have a car named Thaddeus, he is a 2001 Buick Century, he is very much a loyal car, I love him very much, and although he looks like a grandma car, when he accelerates he moves and sounds like a sports car for reasons I cant explain. I love space, have no music tastes, a mediocre face and some rhymes to disgrace, and overall I think I'm going to like this place.

Oh and my favorite food is mac and cheese. I like it... a bit too much. god I need to go to the gym

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