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✦ It's very nice to meet you! I'm Sam! ✦

✧ Non-binary / androgynous (they/them) & aromantic asexual

✧ Chronically ill / disabled

✧ 21+ years old

✧ GMT-05:00 / Eastern Standard Time

✧ Roleplayer of 10+ years

✧ Favorite genres are sci-fi & fantasy, with horror & drama as occasional subgenres

✧ Fandoms: Legend of Zelda (all universes, especially OoT and BotW), Starbound, FINAL FANTASY X/XI/XII/XIV, Stardew Valley, Star Wars (especially Old Republic and Clone Wars eras)

✦ Current Roleplays ✦
✧ Character Plot Availability ✧

FINAL FANTASY XI: Bho (generic fantasy AU available!) (:check:), Ganzigg (generic fantasy AU available!) (:check:)

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Ilakha (:check:), Sali (:check:), Sigtýr (:check:), Vlatka (:check:)

Original Characters: Apollyon (:check:), Ngao (:x:), Aluel (:x:), Roy (:check:), Yanfeng (:check:), Connor (:x:)

Starbound: Ana (:x:), Xihuitl (:x:), Cepheus (:x:)

✦ Before We RP ✦

✧ I won't RP with people below 18 years old OOC, due to my tendency to write mature topics and language. Thanks for understanding!

✧ Private messages about RP welcome! Vague messages or messages about ERP are immediately discarded.

✦ Thanks for reading! Let's RP! ✦

Rave Reviews

to speak of samiakki is to speak of the sunflower: bright, friendly, and so genuine it is plain to see that they are one to look up to. their characters are fresh and vibrant, just like they are, and so very well-written and thought-through. it is evident that their characters are dear friends to them. generous, understanding, and as warm as a hearth. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - fig
Sam is someone I've known now for a few years and despite being a great friend of mine, they are extremely creative and know how to match passion with passion. It's very uncommon for me to find someone I feel shares the same sort of enthusiasm I have for roleplay, but I've certainly found that with them. Not only do they continue to support me and my creative ideas, they're always great company and generally just one of the kindest people you'll ever have the pleasure of knowing. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Ludda

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Recent Activity

  • Claine gave Samiakki kudos:
    Samiakki is a wonderful person who embodies the values of kindness and compassion. They have such a friendly personality and shows great concern for fellow site members and making sure they feel welcome and safe. As for roleplay - I am seriously in awe of their diverse cast of characters. So many unique designs, strong personalities and some seriously top-tier world-building. Kind and understanding Creative ideas
    (About 14 hours ago)
  • Samiakki gave Claine kudos!
    "Generally and definitively, Claine is a swell person to know. Incredibly creative, her fantastic art and writing is engaging as it is an obvious expression of her passion.

    Her kindness and patience are immense, showing in how she replies OOC and functions as a mod on RPR, too. I couldn't be more grateful for her help, as well as the chance to RP with her! Helpful Wonderful writer"
    Samiakki also gave kudos to Riik.(About 1 day 6 hours ago)
  • Ilakha of the Malqir (played by Samiakki) replied to the forum topic [Tavern RP] Thank Gods It's Open!(About 1 day 6 hours ago)
  • Riik gave Samiakki kudos:
    Samiakki puts so much effort into their posts! The fact that they're willing to go the extra mile with their formatting amounts to a dedication that is honestly rare to find in the roleplaying community at large. Their writing includes plenty of detail and never leaves one disappointed! They're also super great to talk to OOC! Creative ideas Wonderful writer
    (About 3 days 7 hours ago)
  • Samiakki gave Ash (played by fig) kudos!
    "What an entertaining character! I love roleplaying with Ash. He's always a delight to interact with and to see what he gets up to next. His antics are always something that brightens my day when I see he has a new post. He's also pretty fun to draw!

    I can't wait to see future adventures with him! Great sense of humor Long posts"
    Samiakki also gave kudos to Kim, Enosh (played by fig), Auberon, AgateTurtle, GarnaalProductions and hexblading.(About 3 days 15 hours ago)