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✦ It's very nice to meet you! I'm Sam! ✦

✧ Non-binary / androgynous (they/them) & aromantic asexual

✧ Chronically ill / disabled

✧ 25+ years old

✧ GMT-05:00 / Eastern Standard Time

✧ Roleplayer of 10+ years

✧ Favorite genres are sci-fi & fantasy adventures, with horror as an occasional subgenre

✧ Fandoms: Legend of Zelda (all universes, especially OoT and BotW), Starbound, FINAL FANTASY X/XI/XII/XIV, Stardew Valley, Star Wars (especially Old Republic and Clone Wars eras), World of Warcraft (For the Horde!)

✦ Before We RP ✦

✧ I enjoy. . .
    * Long-term & short-term stories and relationships
    * Adventure and occasional combat (I'm not the best at writing the latter, but I do enjoy it!)
    * Slice-of-life, shopkeep, and medical RP

✧ My style is. . .
    * English language RP (Native speaker!)
    * Paragraph and mirror
    * Third-person past-tense and occasional present-tense

✧ Private messages about RP welcome! Vague messages or messages about ERP are immediately discarded.

✦ Thanks for reading! Let's RP! ✦

Rave Reviews

Sam is a great player! Our planned storyline is only just beginning and already I'm so drawn into it I'm imagining future scenarios and literally looking foward to when my characters will meet the rest of their cast! And I love how creative their characters are; each has their unique mindset, and richly tailored and believable past that brought them together. I'm so curious and hyped for the adventures that await them! ^_^ Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - cri86titanium
Aluel Deng (played by Samiakki)
here i am to talk about aluel, a character i've grown to enjoy very much. not only is she just barrels of fun to draw, but in rp she is nuanced and so well-written and absolutely adorable. her author is also an exceptionally lovely person, with such a giant brain for lore and such a massive imagination. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - fig

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