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I. About myself

II. Likings

III. Disliking

IV. Ending

I. About myself:

I am an 18-year-old boy living in Germany. I am Heterosexual. As for myself, I am rather tall and skinny. I am rather a quiet person but I can be lively as well. I love to understand the way people see this world. But I don't ask some weird questions or anything about it. I am strongly honest and loyal. I am a gentle sub. Once you get to know me, I can open myself up more and more. I hate when people are rude, I will fight back if I see it.

II. Likings:

Activities: Gaming, listening to music, sleeping, and swimming.

Food: Fries and Japanese-styled food!

Drinks: Ice Tea Peach

Colors: Purple, blue, and orange

Personalities: Cuteness, Honesty, Calming, Jealous, Energetic, Righteous, and Happiness.

III. Dislikings:

Activities: Sports and going to crowded places.

Food: Lot of vegetables...

Drinks: Strong coffee and sour things.

Colors: None! But neon green is the one I like least.

Personalities: Untruthful, Unloyal, Rude, Aggressive, Egotistic, and Cruel.

IV. Ending:

This was everything you should know about me for the start. If you truly are interested in me and want to talk to me, then feel free to just message me here or on Discord. My username is: Sanj1n#5367.

Thank you for reading!

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He is a very kind and sweet boy that loves to Rp and I appreciate that.... YOU ROCK SANJIN!!! He loves to be a kind person and help others. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Slayer1234

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