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Sapphu / Saph / Trashcan Fire
30 | She/Her

Hi! I'm Sapphu! I'm an artist/illustrator and hobbyist writer. I've been developing characters and stories for many years now. My cast of characters is pretty diverse, but many of them only live in my head. At the moment, I primarily play a dumbass human named René in and out of different continuities and settings.

I'm pretty friendly, and love nothing more than to plot and chatter about how to make our characters' lives intersect in fun and dynamic ways! So don't be afraid to hit me up, let's create something new and exciting together. <3 That being said - I'm far too old for any sort of drama or clinginess, so...please keep that in mind when interacting with me.

Hope to hear from you all soon!

Rave Reviews

René Noel (played by Sapphu)
Though it's only been a few months since I started roleplaying with Rene, it feels like we've been friends for years, which is indicative of a fantastic character and player! I love the relationship between Mon and Rene and how it's multi-layer and multi-faceted rather than simple enemies. Roleplaying with them is always fun and you never know what's in store! - Coheed
René Noel (played by Sapphu)
Rene is a wonderful character that I look forward to seeing often. Witty and awesome. The player is a wonderful writer and an inspiration that I thrive to improve myself with as well! They are kind and funny OOC as well. Play with this character! He'll bring you some giggles as well as interest! - GreedyBean

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