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Rip my profile got deleted somehow sO THAT'S FUN Time to start this all over again! <:

arrow_left_by_drawn_mario-d7yqvjz.gif|| 25 || she/her/they/them || Living Disappointment ||arrow_right_by_drawn_mario-d7yqvvu.gif

Just your local ghost nerd that has way too many ocs that are either demons, monsters or demon monsters.

I work full time night shift and on top of that I'm working on a webcomic so sometimes I tend to get a little slow with replies! Plus my muses like to shift between characters a decent amount so please be patient with me! ;v;/

Other sites I can be found on:



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Spook has a wonderful flow to their writing that I haven't seen the likes of very often, conversing with them and working out plot ideas has been an adventure worth having because they LOVE their nerds and that love shows in the writing, if there is someone to rp with on this site, it's Spook! - Dharlas

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