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My name is Sarah I live in wa. State I live in the beautiful woods of the North West. Most of the time I am playing with my pets dodging hummingbirds. I also volunteer as a librarian to my communities Library. I am a very accepting person in gen but I do have some perferances in my roleplay. I am not perfect in my role play but I try there all oringal charaters. I have parkinsons some times are better then others it effects allot of things in my life even my typing and thinking process.

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If you're looking for an avid roleplayer whose friendly, sweet, and very detail oriented, then she's your gal! She's a very sweet and kind person outside of roleplays! She loves coming up with ideas for them, willing to work with you, and even understands too! She's been one of the best roleplayers I've had in a while, and one of the better friends I've had too! I enjoy her company and enjoy her roleplaying too! She's awesome! - Weasel334
If you want sweet with an extra helping of honey, Sarie is the person to go to! She's always so kind and encouraging of everyone that it's hard not to like her. :) In roleplay she's always trying her best and the stories I've found her in have been nothing short from entertaining and awesome! Check out her artwork too, every time I see it I am quite taken by her talent and the beauty she manages to portray! - Sanne

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